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  1. Le Petit Gecko
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    a small open air cafe, roadside with a nice view over looking the town centre
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    big servings, inexpensive, simple food.
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    worth a look 'n a cuppa if not a bite to eat.
    Good location to watch the Sapa world go by.
  2. Sapa - the best coffee - a "Vietnamese Cappuccino"
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    there's a lot of coffee shops in Sapa & many of them are pretty mediocre, but this place hit the spot for me for the best.
    It's in The Legend Hotel
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    you can sit outside & watch all the action, or dine inside in the aircon
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    Disappointed with our free hotel brekky, we tried the Legend for breakfast & it was quite decent

    The English breakfast

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    An interesting fruit muesli breakfast
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    Strongly recommended for the coffee & breakfast.

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