SaPa to Hanoi via Laos on stooters?? route help required

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by AWM, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. As the subject heading suggests, we are wanting to ride from SaPa through a bit of Laos then to Hanoi on Honda 125 scooters. Have no clue about which roads to take, or which are not passable. Arrived in SaPa today and would like to set off for Laos tomorrow. We have 2 weeks for the trip back to Hanoi. Can we buy GT rider maps here in SaPa??? Any help is much appreciated. I normally dirt ride my KTM520 back in Australia. I thought a scooter would be fun. but now I'm not too sure............ :(

    BTW great website :D
  2. No, I am afraid that the GT Rider map for Laos is not for sale in Sa-Pa. In case you have a Garmin GPS I can help you with some tracks which you can upload to your GPS. Best to ask around for directions and tips with regard to what to do. Also check the Vietnam part of the GT Rider website/forum.

    Please note that during tha last few days there have been heavy rains in that part of Vietnam and China and that several roads have been blocked through landslides, floods, etc.
  3. Thanks Auke,

    I'm beginning to think that a trip so totally not planned might be well abandoned, take the train back to Hanoi, tail between the legs :(

    Next time I will be sure to plan it better perhaps do a tour with the GT Rider people....

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