Saturday or Sunday Ride the 20th, 21st

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  1. Following Wimpy's example - anyone for a ride Saturday or Sunday this weekend, either on or off road, or some of both? The 650GS is finally ready with 60/40 (off road/on road)set up and wanting to take it for a spin prior to bringing it back over here to Chiang Khong.

    Arriving CM Thursday on the RT weather aside. It's been pouring down non stop buckets each night over on this side, but the days seem to be more or less OK.

    David(map) David(TDM&250) and David (Ducati) too + Whimpy?? Rudy you up 4 Sunday? Any others...?

    David and Mai
  2. I'd be up or a ride either day. I'm not taking the TL off road though! How about Chai Prakarn, Davids?
  3. The Chai Prakarn loops sounds good to me.
    All being well I might even have my new re-built rear shock back on. This could also be my last ride before the Africa Twin engine gets stripped down again to replace a worn counter shaft. This one has lasted a mere 70,000 kms & to say that I'm not happy & or impressed would be a correct observation.
    AND this is despite being a totally faithful devoted customer at "Tom & Jerry Mc Service" - no-one touches the bike but T&J - they don't have the time or space to fix the problem, as it's too inconvenient. What can you say..

    Keep The Power On
  4. OK Sunday it is...breakfast at the Cafe?? Earlier rather then mid morning[:D][:D]...

    David U., I'll call you when we arrive CM. Mai's off to BKK for a couple of days so I'll be riding solo[:(]

    And let's see if we can scrape up a couple more riders.

  5. To be perfectly frank..., I used them once to do some work on my VFR. They made me feel like they were doing me a favor to work on it. Even said the bike wasn't worth repairing. [?][?] I haven't been back. I do most everything myself these days. At least I know who to blame for the shoddy work! [:eek:)]

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