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    Louis Motocross Shop for big bike service & repairs


    Louis & the boys are right into M-X & know where 'n how to ride around Savannaket. They even have a local M-X track if you want to ride with the local boys on the weekend.


    Louis, dressed up to the nine's in his official Honda shirt, just for the photo.
    Louis is a really cool & nice guy. Drop by & say hello when you are in Savannakhet.
    GPS Waypoint: N16 33.551 E104 44.766
  2. A strong plug for Louis Motocross shop in Savannakhet.

    Coming down from Vientiane with a bit more speed on R13S I had some trouble with the soft saddlebags on my bike & the right bag's bottom back corner was touching on the exhaust.



    I popped along to Louis asking for a recommendation for an engineering shop to make a rough rack to hold the bag up a tad more.

    Louis took a look & put his thinking cap on.


    why not use the exhaust heat protector from off a scooter?

    Well brilliant idea. You do it & let me know how much. I will come back in an hour.

    Off I went for some brunch & back in an hour and a half.

    Woo-hoo - the finished product.


    beautiful, professional & cheap

    450 baht .

    Thank you big time Louis Motocross in Savannakhet.

    Highly recommended.
  3. SavannakhetBikeWash-GTR-IMG_2647GTR-IMG_0001.


    10,000 kip & only worth that, but it does the job on the day.

    Location at the south - downstream end of town.
    400 metres from the hospital.
    200 metres from the petrol station on the road 9B going out of town.
    GPS: N16 32.934 E104 44.993

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