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  1. Hi people,
    Just saying hello as I have just signed up. Lots to read in the forums, Thanks to all that take the time to post. I am thinking of flying bikes over from Europe later this year so hopefully I can get educated here on the hows and wheres.
    Time to read...

  2. That was fun reading the stories and ride info. Now if any one has comments on my plans it would be appreciated.
    Looks like I can simply fly the bikes to thailand, no carnet needed. Ride to Cambodia, ride around in the one months vacation we have, and because of rather lax border controls we should be able to leave them there (Cambodia). Return the next chance we get to continue touring a bit and maybe leave them there again or continue somewhere else.
    Only problem I can forsee is if the Cambodian customs enter the bikes into my passport which is picked up when we try to leave but after reading this board that seems unlikely.
    Anyone see anything I have overlooked?
    Looking forward to riding there....

  3. I would probably choose to leave the bikes in Thailand instead of Cambodia.

    Are you sure you don't need a carnet? There is a big import duty on big bikes. Could you bring us a Triumph Tiger?
  4. You do not need a carnet, and there is no import duty if you are just traveling.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  5. Thanks gents,
    Up to now I have assumed that Thailand would be a problem to leave the bikes for a time while we return home and guessed that Cambodia would be easier to fiddle something with the customs to allow them to stay.
    The bikes would be in the area for about 2 years and we would return a few times for month periods.
    I was thinking if we had problems in Cambodia we could always register them there?
    Open to all suggestions.
    We left the bikes in Nepal for 2 years, without carnet, just by having a freindly chat with the customs chief so I was thinking along those lines.
    Sorry mate, no Tigers, we like small bore bikes, anything above 250 scares the pants off us [:D]
    Thanks again

  6. Andy
    Are you serious - you're only talking about 250cc bikes?
    If yes, then my advice is dont waste your time & money flying them out. Just buy something locally, either in Thailand or Cambodia.
    Also take a look at

    Keep The Power On
  7. Well they are 125's and I understand what you are getting at. We bought them in Kenya for the reason of 'going local' for want of a better frase. But as usual we got the feeling of wanting to keep the same bikes after riding in Africa for a couple of years. Just the way it goes I suppose, loving the bikes and all. Fell into the trap I was trying to avoid.
    Just looking for ways to leave them in South East Asia untill we move on and from what I read Cambodia seemed the best plan?

  8. Ok gents, thanks for the couple of ideas.
    I will see what works out when I get there and reply here about the best way to leave the bikes in SE Asia when I find it.


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