Scala bluetooth Q2 headset for sale - 1,000 Baht firm

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  1. I purchased this scala headset Q2 unit from this sale thread below last month for 1,900 baht through mail without personally testing it. My assumption was that it would be fully functional without repairs/changing since it didn't say otherwise in the sale post. The unit is new, however the red light on the unit does not come on when charging or turn-on so there could be a problem with either the charger (battery) or the unit itself. Since the seller wouldn't take it back for refund, it is yours for 1,000 Baht only (firm).

    If you buy it, you should take it to be inspected or to be fixed.


    Beau, please email at [email protected]
  2. bump! Should have gone to personally look at it :(
  3. Yes sorry... Forgot most important.

    price is 300,000bht


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