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  1. jonny

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    I am planning to tour Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnsm on my F650 Dakar. Is it wise to have my motorbike shipped over from the US? I have been told it is smarter to buy or rent in Phnom Penh. If I was to ship, what is the best shipping point from the US, Singapore, Bangkok? Is it possible to enter Burma with a motorbike? Do any of these countries require a carnet? I'm assuming they all reqire a visa. I am told that leaving the motorbike in Thailand would require a license which is very expensive. Is this true?
    If there is other info you think is important, please advise.

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. MBT

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    Check the Vietnam section for that country! Word is the law has changed for you to ride in on a bike bigger than 175cc but dont bank on it. Burma No! unless I missed something? Take a good look around the site for the countries you mentioned and check all the reports you should find some stuff to work with!
  4. Tom Forde

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    I agree with MBT,have a browse through the GT site about Carnets, border crossings etc. Also check out the Horizons Unlimited web site. Shit load of info.
    No go into Burma, Vietnam or China on the Dakar, plenty have tried!


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