Sealed Bearings in Chaing Mai

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  1. Hi,

    Please do not scream at me, I know that this is a motorcycle website, but I am on a bicycle - "pushbike", cycling through Thailand. I have a trailer that I am pulling behind my bicycle that supposedly has sealed bearings on it. Unfortunately 6 months and 5000 km into our year long trip, one of the bearings is starting to go. I took the axle assembly apart and the bearing is all rusted :-( I guess we should not have started in Scotland!!

    We plan on being in Chaing Mai in 2-3 weeks and I was really hoping that I would be able to find a bearing there. I am trying to double check the specifications for the bearing, but what I have got to date is:

    6000.2RS: inner dia. 10, outer dia. 26 and width is 8mm -
    sealed on both sides of the bearings.

    Is there any hope of finding a bearing like this in Chaing Mai? If so, where would be a good place to start looking.

    Steve Williams
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  2. Hi,

    Once you have arrived in CM, travel out of town towards the train staition. When you have crossed the Ping river you will begin to notice many hardware stores on either side of the road. The cost, maybe between 100-200bht (a very rough guess) as I only buy them for motorbikes.

    The shop I use the most is 1.5klm past the Train station turning, on your right towards the super highway - if they haven't got what I'm after there and then - then they get it sent the following day for me from BKK.

    Good luck with your travels -


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  3. There are some very good bicycle stores in Chiang Mai.
    You might want to try some of these.
    Off hand, the best two I can think of are
    1. Top Gear on Chang Moi Road. Phone: 053233450. Email Canadian Tom [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    2. Velocity. 117 Changpuak Rd. Phone: 053410665
    Hope this is a help.

    Keep the power on
  4. Hi, most every bearing has a number stamped on it and can be cross referenced at shops. Get the number off the other bearing (good side). Also if you can't find a sealed bearing just grease a plain bearing and maybe make a little dust seal with a piece of plastic to get you through.

  5. Thanks everyone for the information. I am a little more confidant knowing that stuff can get from BKK to CM in a day or so... Someone at home checked for me and said it is a fairly common bearing, so I should make out OK.

  6. Thanks for the directions Jake, the first place I walked into had them in stock. I was VERY happy... and your cost estimate was in the ballpark, I paid 180 bhat for 2 bearings!


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