seasonal -boring!- burnings

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  1. I'd like to know if somebody can inform me about the timing of the seasonal land burnings the North, Northwest.
    I'm riding since end of february from Umphang to Pai following the Burma border except a loop thru Mae Chaem and I must say that almost all along my ride I've been frustrated by the more or less thicker smoke all around the landscapes hiding quite everything, really boring to say the less!
    So if someone can let me know if those fires are always done each year and when I'll then organize my trips accordingly, thanks
  2. Never mind who was instructed to do what & to whom - burning was still taking place on the road to DoiMaeSalong from MaeSai road today (Wednesday) & also on the way back down as far as the checkpoint on MaeChan/ThaTon road. Nobody is taking any notice whatsoever of this request not to burn.
  3. Well, nice to see the Royal Thai Army trying to offer assistance, since as usual the Thai police are completely ineffective and nowhere to be seen.

    Can you imagine what the tourists must think?!

    The government's impotent response to this disaster reminds me a lot of their bungled response to the disastrous floods of 2011.

    I'm surprised the science minister hasn't come out with a brilliant plan to have all the villagers wave fans to disperse the smoke ;)

  4. They are quite amazing. A few years back the governor of Chiang Mai mused that the pollution might be from all those Korean Barbecue places and ordered them to stop... you couldn't make this up, no-one would believe it...

    The progress that we're seeing this year is that some politicians have now acknowledged that the smoke might be from the forest fires. After nearly 2 weeks of heavy pollution the locals in Pai for example are *still* happily burning everything and anything that can catch on fire...
  5. Forget the politicians, it is hard to believe the common Thai citizen has not been up in arms with their burning "neighbors" for this practice to finally STOP. And for the people that burn, don't they have kids or elderly parents they care about? Just makes no sense but TIT. Its a bit like pissing in the family well if you ask me.
  6. I've heard that the Airforce have been so inspired by the 'success' of the armada of boats during the flood that they're going to fly all their helicopters in reverse to dissipate the smoke upwards :crazy: :clap:
  7. Helicopters push air down for lift it would just make thing worse :lol-sign:
  8. I am tied of reading the pollution has been a problem just over a week now - its now been 4 weeks today, that I first noticed the smoke becoming unacceptable above 100ppm of smoke particles not dust, which is always quoted. Lets blame somebody else I know Myanmar will do, maybe they are contributing some smoke but I believe most is being generated by local Thai People who have been performing this practice since the beginning of time.
    Every year the government and local councils talk about getting tough on this issue unfortunately there is no uniformity across all northern provinces and until there is and they start issuing heavier fines this will happen every year. I live in Sankamphaeng and I have seen my local council extinguish residential fires with stern warnings only. On a more positive note I make it my business to enjoy a seaside holiday every year about this time - what else can you do?

    Cheers Ken F
  9. The Burning is an Asian Region Problem not just Thailand! The Army is just as Guilty as the rest of the Village people for setting Fires! I have witnessed them first hand actually setting the Fires. Just Ride along the Canal Road past the Army Land and You will see the Scorched Earth Policy has already been put into affect! I have heard multiple reasons for this Ignorant practise the most popular being to clear the scrub so that the Village Idiots can collect Mushrooms? I don't believe that for a minute as I have Run all through the Jungles around Chiang Mai and I am yet to see many Mushrooms? They are as rare as a Snow Bear here! It is just a Bad Habit from Years gone by and it will never change so you are wasting Your time complaining and better off to do what Ken does and go to the Beach! For me that isn't possible but for all You retired Guys a Fantastic Solution! It is the same every Year and as soon as it Rains it will be clear again and the Army or Government can claim they have fixed the Problem and Claim a Bigger Budget, then everyone is Happy Until Next Year!
  10. Which is why, in his infinite wisdom, the science minister has instructed them to fly UPSIDE DOWN! :lolno:

    Amazing Thailand!

  11. D'oh. Of course! I thought that if they spun the main rotor backwards the air would be pushed upwards but of course helicopters don't have reverse gear:oops:

    Tony's idea is a good one though, with the added advantage that a skilled pilot could mow lawns at the same time :wtf:
  12. Out here in the 'sticks' near the Golden Triangle we are getting the full 'benefit' of Thailand, Laos & Burma burning! 25 kms from MaeSai & about the same from ChiangSaen, it seems all the lot is blowing over here. Saturday night, ash was raining down on us as if from heaven & there was no local burning at all! Escaping down to a beach area is beginning to sound attractive.
  13. Thanks Ron. 1400 are suffering from poor vision ( I quote ) My vision is now very poor , I could see the mountains a few weeks ago, oh crap I must buy some stronger glasses.
  14. many thanks 2wheels for that crucial info! For sure I'll not come back in this area during Feb/March!! I very much appreciate how the politicians are bullshitting saying that the haze come "in part" from Burma. I 100% confirm that from Umphang to here in Pai - where it's still completely smoky- I have ONLY see fires IN Thailand and not coming from outside!!
  15. Easten bleeds :(

    Link removed
  16. Until my recent trip from Khon Kaen to Loei, Nan and Chiang Mai I did believe the stories of hill-tribs in Thailand, Laos and Burma practicing "slash & burn" but this is utterly bullshit. The problem is much bigger and much more on a local scale and worst nobody talks about it while everybody can see it as long as you would take the effort to look.

    As "pissing in your own family well" it seems that many Thai do not look much further as their own nose (and most of them have a very small nose).

    I passed an National Park entrance while 500m before is was a bush-fire going on. And the way these fires are burning it seems that it are controlled fires.

    It seems to me that Thai are like many other countries raping the natural resources of their own country. And this is not only in regard to the burning.

    Chang Noi
  17. Yes, yes, yes. But in fact, this is one of the worst years ever. To collect the entree fee from the farangs is much more important in the nationalparks than fighting against the fire. But tell me one thing. Why do we idiots pay it? Iám really pissed this year about the destroyed nature and burned forrest. To change the Thai minds it is neccesary, that they loose money, much money. Don´t pay in a destroyed NP and tell them why!
  18. Yes indeed money is the only thing that matters .... but you think the 20thb is going to make a different (I refuse to pay tourist price anyway)?

    The burning in a real forrest is not the problem ... actually a forrest needs a fire once and a while. The problem is the huge sugar-cane, rice, palm-oil and other plantations. The fact that 90% of the forrest is gone is the first problem, burning the plantations is the second problem.

    Chang Noi
  19. for those interested to try to end these absurd burnings here is a link to sign a petition to be sent then to the Prime Minister Mrs Shinawatra:
    I think it worth to sign it even if the mentality will not change tomorrow
  20. Now it appears the local authorities are burning along the verges. Call me cynical but I imagine someone is pocketing the difference between the tendered amount for slashing and the cost of a book of matches.
  21. From Youtupe

    Flying above the fields surrounding Chiang Mai. The 'Rose of the North' suffers yet another appalling season of burning and pollution. Here is a video of four nimutes of what it is like on March the 8th followed by 4 minutes of how beautiful it can be without pollution. This is a very quick edit of footage that will be put together to make a small documentary on the problem.

  22. I've tried to share this as many places as possible yet it still has only 2500 'signatures'. If there were 1-200,000 names I'm sure they might listen but with only a few thousand there is little point!
  23. Hrmm... Yesterday a Thai acquaintance of mine told me that she had read in the paper that the authorities now was discussing to move Song Krhan holiday to a earlier date with the thought that all the splashing of water would help clear up the air..... :idea:

    And no, I'm not making this up...
  24. It is difficult to remain optimistic sometimes. Below are two photos of the same subject; both taken at Kiew Lom viewpoint, 25 klms along the Mae hong son road from Pai. Most people in Pai are affected with streaming sore eyes, a cough, general lethargy and a feeling of illness. I rode through this mess to get to the Viewpoint today. At least, the smoke haze hides the mounds of garbage and dog's crap......And it would provide perfect cover for any criminal fugitive who wanted to sneak over the border back into Thailand. Maybe that's it; a government reconcilliation initiative....

    It has been like this for a month...
    I'm not usually a whinger but this is giving me the screaming s****s.
  25. Yes i read it as well this morning, one has to wonder how they will sort all this burning out, if it was here in Australia and it was no fires ... well you would be in court the next day for lighting one but we all know Thailand works in a world of it own.

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