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Discussion in 'Technical' started by GTNZ, May 4, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know where to get a seat reupholstered in Chiangmai?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks David,

    Hope you're well mate.

  3. Yep, alive & well. Gin & Tonic time coming up.. :wink:
    Off to Laos in a couple of days & no time to get my seat re-packed. Ha. Ha. Oh well when I come back.
    BTW what bike are you getting pampered?
  4. Gidday David,

    Mate I'm still riding the CBR150, does the job around town but get a sore backside on longer trips. Off to Mae Sai Friday or Saturday for another 90 day Visa stamp. After the last run up there on this thing I swore I'd get the seat done before the next trip.

    We are planing a trip to Cambodia in a couple of months or so. Some will scoff at riding such a gutless bike but on a long run it goes very well. It might not be fast but stops me from getting into trouble.

    I'm waiting to see how these green pea KLX 250's hold up. Maybe go for one of these to ride in Cambo.

  5. You might want to consider an Airhawk seat cushion? Captain Slash said they are very good and I can now ride from Sakon Nakhon to Chaing Mai with one fitted in relative comfort which was impossible with just the standard seat. Also has the benefit of easily being put on another bike. I just leave it on and nobody has nicked it yet. Not sure of the price, I got one off a mate cheap.
  6. Cheap, Cheap........

    :lol: :lol:


    Can't believe I was told mounting a wire basket to the front of my D-Tracker wouldn't be cool.
  7. You gotta find an airhawk used. New ones were around $175 USD when I last looked, just a few weeks ago. That's about 6000 baht, quite expensive considering you can have the whole seat redone on your bike for 400 to 800 baht.

    But the airhawk is supposed to be a great cushion if you don't mind the cost. Highly recommended by members of the Iron Butt Association in Ron Ayres's book on long distance riding.
  8. Nice water-bottle Kev I am sure Captain appeciated it. You could also consider bright coloured handlebar streamers, heaps of cheap front lights and of course a disco rock box with speakers mounted on bike.
    Will see you soon at your Mexican kitchen, the wife says we cant go because your food comes from Mexico ha ha he - she now knows the swine flu is not caught from eating mexican pork or any other food.

    Cheers Ken F
  9. :shock: :shock: :shock: US$175!!! A buddy sent me one from Canada for 50 Euros. I first bought a new genuine Yamaha Comfort Gel seat, cost 9,000B and wasn't any better. Wish I tried the Airhawk first, they definitely work. Hot water bottle looks like a cheap alternative though.
  10. Thanks for the replies.

    I was on the way to Lao in 2006 and got as far as Khon Kaen with a very sore backside. So I had a bloke in Khon Kaen make a cushion and this did the job. Thanks for reminding me, I'll dig it out of my storage and shove it back on.


    Picture taken on Route 203 Phu Ruea if my memory is correct

    By the way there would be nothing wrong with a basket on the front of the D Tracker, especially if you keep using that nice pink water bottle. :D
  11. Wow CS, that's a good price on the link you provided, I might pick one up. Every website I checked previously had it closer to the MSRP $189.95.

    They seem to be designed much more for cruiser seats though. I'm riding an ER6n. Do you think the small cruiser seat or the pillion pad one would fit the sport bike seat? And did you pay for international shipping or buy in the US?
  12. I have the pillion pad one fitted to an FZ-1 if that is any help?
  13. That's the one I was thinking of buying. Any complaints? And do you use the large or small pillion on your FZ-1?
  14. That's the one I was thinking of buying. Any complaints? And do you use the large or small pillion on your FZ-1?
    No complaints, appears well made but should be for $100+. I have the small one 11''x9", the large pillion is 14"x11". I haven't seen an Er-6 seat so it might be an idea to cut out a cardboard template and see which fits best.

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