Secon hand leather jackets and bike boots in CNX

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  1. Hi friends,

    Following the topic initiated by Ray... but in an other way...
    Maybe many know these places already... If so, sorry for the double.

    Yesterday I discover second hand bike leather jackets and boots in big sizes (Farang sizes) in second hand clothes/shoes shop located in Assadathon road (the road of Piston Shop, "behind-beside" Tesco Lotus north).
    These 3 or 4 shops under the same long shed are about 200 m from the moat on the right hand side of the road going to it.
    In one of these shops good and strong leather jackets at 550 Bahts and 1500 Bahts/pc. Good leather boots at around 600 Bahts/pair... Jackets hanging and boots on shelves...

    I bought nothing because even in winter leather is definitely too hot for me at day! But nice choice IMHO... for those who like/can wear good bargains can be done.


    PS I'm not involved in these businesses and prices I give here are let to the seller's appreciation :wink:
  2. I know the place you mean, a great little gem for decent kit, without speedy corners 'exlusive' pricing.

    I bought my jacket and a pair of army boots there for biking.
    Still got the jacket now :)

    The boots (army) only come up to size 8 though so big feet will struggle on that one I think.
  3. Hmmmm - Interesting....

    In BKK it seems this type of shop does not exist - or maybe I just haven't found one yet.

    Has anyone ever made pictures of the merchandise there? I'm interested in boots, but honestly don't care to spend thousands of baht per pair :)

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