Selling a Malaysian bike in Thailand

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  1. Kuris

    Kuris New Member

    Hello fellas,

    My friend and I bought a couple of cycles in KL (bad idea, I know. Didn't realize that cycle prices are severely marked up in Malaysia until it was too late) and have been driving them in Thailand for the past three weeks. Our original plan was to try to sell the bikes in Cambodia, since Thailand is very strict about making sure imported bikes actually leave the country. We came in through the westernmost border crossing, Khaki Bukit-Khuan Don. It is a very obscure crossing crossing and we were able to get in without waiting in line. The process was deceptively simple: we were able to get in with a simple stamp of the passport and arrival/departure card. They didn't ask for or give us any paperwork for the bikes, even after I asked the immigration official about it. So here we are in Thailand and the Thai government has no record of us bringing bikes in. I think this will have to change our plan somewhat, since I doubt it will be easy to leave with the bikes with no documentation of coming in with them. Obviously, leaving without the bikes won't be a problem, and we have already left the country and came back twice (once by plane, once by land crossing to Cambodia).

    I have a copy of my Malaysian registration / bill of sale / insurance papers with me, and that was enough to satisfy the police checkpoints and the cargo official when we had our bikes shipped by train (in Thailand). My question is, what is the best course of action for selling the bike? At worse, it seems I may have to just sell it off for parts, but that'd be a shame since the bike is in working condition.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. TonyBKK

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    What kind of bike is it?

    Even if it can't be registered in Thailand there are some places where it's still possible to get away with riding an unregistered bike. Also, it may be valuable for parts.
  4. Kuris

    Kuris New Member

    I'm riding a Yammy TZM. I don't suppose Bangkok (where i am now) is one of those places where I can sell the bike to someone who doesn't mind not being able to register it?
  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    It's not easy to ride an unregistered bike in Bangkok- the Brown Mafia will be all over it like flies to you know what ;)

    That said, throw it up on some classifieds sites- you never know- someone just might want it, even if it can't be registered.

    Best of luck!
  6. LivinLOS

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    Really an unregistered bike, or a registered bike illegally incountry, has limited value unless its a big bike..

    Assuming these are TZM150s I doubt there will be much more than a token payment for them.. Thais could use them for parts or to ride in the rural thailand areas, but rural thais who a TZM might appeal to unlikely to offer top price.

    Or go back, get the stamps, then keep your planned ride to Cambo..

    Good luck with them.

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