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  1. mariolicht

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    Hi guys,

    I have a bit of a problem and don't know what to do! I shipped my motorbike (under carnet) to Malaysia and traveled all around South East Asia the last 4 month. Currently we are in Laos and going into Cambordia next before we enter Thailand again.

    Because of the shipping back to Australia again I was thinking to sell the bike in the Bangkok area. Does anybody know if that is possible, to sell a foreign motorbike in Thailand?? The bike is also under a current carnet!

    Would be great if I could get any useful information!

    Thank you,
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  3. LivinLOS

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    Well as Thailand is not a signatory to the carnet system it becomes less relevant in the legal 'in and out of Thailand' aspect.

    Tho you need a cleanly stamped in and out carnet book to reclaim your carnet deposit no ?? So making sure that whichever carnet country you stamp out of, is properly done, and it is not used to bring into Thailand. You should I guess be able to claim that back.

    You also have the issue of temporary importing a bike to Thailand and not subsequently exporting it as agreed. Its not like thats never been done by others but you are entering into an agreement to bring the bike in and giving a personal guarantee that you will take it out or pay the rather high tax agreed figure on the paperwork. Personally I dont like to burn bridges like that too much and would rather bring it in without doing the temp import (easier perhaps late in the day on the laos side, or the Malay borders) but dont consider that legal either.

    But if you choose to, and it was priced right, you might be able to find a cash buyer to buy it simply 'no paperwork' depends on bike and price.
  4. mariolicht

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    thank you so much for your quick reply! Do you think I can get in trouble when I sell it for cash? I just want 1500 dollars for it and the only reason I sell it is, it was only 4000 dollars when I bought it and it's not worth paying another 1800 dollars to sent it back to Australia!
    when I enter Thailand from Laos and don't get a stamp into Thailand on my carnet, would it be easier then to sell it? I heard from a friend who lives in Bangkok that a guy who sold a Africa Twin got sent to prison when he wanted to fly out of Bangkok, because he sold his bike in Thailand.
    but I am not sure if he had a carnet and had the bike propably stamped in his passort... not sure with this story but he is still in prison...
  5. LivinLOS

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    Theres no simple answers.. What you wish to do isnt properly legal, however the legal framework for things is far less black and white here and there are ways to minimize your risk / paper trail but only by breaking other laws eg not correctly importing it. Theres 100's of bikes without full or any paperwork in Thailand that were not imported correctly. Trying that of course opens other risks none of which anyone else can choose for you.

    I have quite regularly ridden bikes and drive cars (all Thai regged) through the Sadao border without ever doing import or export paperwork. Now of course you can point out that they may have been lenient on a Thai plated machine but I dont see how they knew it was Thai plated until I drove away from them having passed the border to expose my rear plate, they didnt ask for any ownership proof or green book or anything, just fill out the immigration slip and pause briefly at the drive through counter. But the southern border seems to operate far more relaxed about this than the northern ones.
  6. mariolicht

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    what would you do if you would take the bike out of Cambordia into Thailand? Because I think I will enter Thailand from Cambordia but don't get the Carnet stamped into Thailand... Because if I get it stamped in to Thailand I also can't get the deposit back and the Carnet is not closed then. If I really can't sell it in Bangkok then I will store it there maybe for the next trip! Do you think that is possible when I keep my Carnet always valid?

    Thank you so much for your advise!
  7. LivinLOS

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    I agree you should leave Cambo close the carnet and not use it for Thailand. This allows you to close it, or delay it, or basically have options.

    The rest is grey area.. You wouldnt be the first to sell a bike and get on the plane.. But it does leave complications behind you, that I personaly wouldnt liek to do, but then I have a lot of my life based around here so different mindset about making myself problems.
  8. mariolicht

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    what would the worse case be if I enter Thailand without getting it stamped then sell it and fly out of the country? Because you said grey area... do they really know then that it is in the country. I mean even in the case I would sell it to a farmer who would use it on a farm without registration...what then?
  9. Tom Forde

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    Sell it below value, there is always someone looking for a bargain.
    Cash only and no reciept.
    Advertise on Baht sold etc.
    Their is always someone wants a bargain either for parts or just a shopping trolley.
    Get your money and get the plane out of here.
  10. LivinLOS

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    They know because when you come in country (unless you come in late when the offices are closed) you will still do a temp import just not the carnet. So that is linked to your name and passport 'in the system'.. How good the system is of course ??? Well..

    The southern border is much more open than the northern ones.

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