Sepon Lost Tours group in Attapeu

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  1. Here are some pictures from the trip a few months ago.

    Next trip to Huaphan in December - Bring it on!!

    Pretty uneventful ride to Pakse and now we are on the back road to Wat Phou. Note the cheering crowds.


    A pit stop and maybe the biggest event so far that day in this village. Good fun for us too.


    After Wat Phou across the Mekong by ferry.


    All aboard.


    Settling in for the crossing




    Time the get off.


    Look at him go!


    On Bolovens plateau it turned into a tour of water falls

    1. Tad Fan


    2. Tad Khuu


    2. Tad Khuu - note the drums with gen-sets


    3. Tad Sekamat - turn off not signed and easy to miss - spectacular - must be up in the top 5 in Laos.


    After Attapeu the "Young ones" continued on 18A. Me and Shorty went back to Pakse on the bitumen.


    How to get off?


    Raining hard now and where are they?


    Rescue mission - Troy has just come back up to breath for the 2nd time.


    After that the bike did not want to start - two belts and a lock as a tow rope.


    We are ready! Frenchy is keen. Troy looks a bit apprehensive.


    Move you bastard 1.


    Move you bastard 2.


    This is easier. Langas went ahead and found this rescue vehicle.


    After all that a well deserved warm beer in the village.


    The next day Troy got the bike going again but where are they? Left or right?


    The last crossing before climbing back up on Bolovens.

  2. hi Set,
    nice pictures from the Bolavens! just a bit too wet for you!sure david will be happy with this report!!!
    hope to see you before your next trip!
  3. great pics, looks like great fun, the rescue vehicle really cracked me up! when in rome!!
    are those the famed rental wr's from in vientiane? if so how do they run??

    again awesome report!
  4. Seterik
    Great report, enjoyed the pics.

    Do you know where that last crossing was ?
  5. Yes indeed happy to see some photos. Great stuff - thanks for the contribution Seterik. You guys are stars with trips like that.
    Look after that lovely bike the AT though. :)
  6. Yes the two blue Yamahas and the red Honda are rentals from Jules in Vte. They ran pretty well but one had charging problems so Troy couldn't turn on his lights. Pretty scary coming back into Vientiane in the dark I think.

    Not sure where the last crossing is - I think Langas has a GPS location I'll ask.

    It seems that the pictures don't load if I'm not logged on - is that how it should be?
  7. Set can see the photo's finally by logging on! That photo of left or right turn is where went wrong or maybe went right. We went right up the mountain - given the 100 mm of rain had overnight - the left turn continuing on was probably not passable without boat.

    Giving a KLX a go next trip. Houaphan!
  8. nice and adventure ride bro
  9. Thanks for the great pictures and ride report. The waterfalls in the Bolavens are something I wish to see.

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