Shan State 2 - Bringing Whiskey and Supplies for the Orphans

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  1. Here is another SHAN adventure.

    We left Chiang Mai as 6 people and crossed over Doi Pui and crossed over into Samoeng. Peter was going up steep slope when he and the bike fell backward with it crashing down on his Calf.... pays to have proper riding boots....After which he was returning back to CM to the hospital while Tommy and Auggie took the highway up to Pie.

    Adrian, myself, and Panda kept on. We rode on the main road for a bit where I tried to learn to wheelie and failed horribly crushing my foot and bending my toes back in a way that shouldn't be possible. It felt like my foot was broken but I kept on anyways.

    We soon encountered great single tracks with some amazing obstacles of fallen trees and steep inclines... Though 6 hours later or so we came out of the bush and were 50 km south of Pie.

    Day 2 started where Auggie fell to the flu and fever and decided to take the main road to Cave Lodge in Pang Mapha. While Tommy, Adrian, and Myself took the northern Dirt highway which is a breeze in dry season. Good views, good riding, easy day and arrive Cave lodge 4 hours later....

    Day 3 Tommy got the call for work and he and Auggie headed back to Chiang Mai. Adrian and myself stocked with supplies from the other guys stopped by a store to pick up a few more things and two bottles of whiskey. One small one for the border guards (Thai's) on the Thai side, and a big bottle of Black Label Johnny Walker for Koon Phillip on the Shan side.

    Was a fun ride up through the scenic hills cruising around and about 1 pm arrived in the Shan state across the border. Koon Phillip was very pleased to have both the supplies and the whiskey. After offering us lunch he let us cruise around the village on our own. With a stop at the SS Mart (Shan State Mart) Adrian and I had a Chang Yai each and then cruised back to Cave Lodge.

    Day 4 was going to be track riding back but as my foot was swelling up more and more I opted simply for the highway back to home.... Will be looking to forward to more adventures to come.....
  2. Insane! Out of control! Great stuff.

    Love the attempted wheelie ending up in the guide-rail!

    How's your foot anyway?

    I know the track over the back of Doi Pui; do you remember which route you took from Samoeng over to the Pai road?

    Is the track you took from Pai over to Cave Lodge the one via Muang Noi & Ae Ko? This is one that Ian/Bungy raves about.

    Heading on to the Shan State crossing - did you take the 1226 to Pang Kham & then the track out the back across to the border?

    Well done!
  3. Thanks for the report, great video, wish I had the confidence to tackle obstacles at that speed, but I see can be painful if it goes wrong.
  4. Fantastic, brilliant and completely mad. What a great vid. Thanks and hope the damaged are repaired.
  5. Thanks guys...

    Rod Page, over Doi Pui came out at Queen Sirikat garden... then up the road for few k's and turned off again onto a single track. Can't remember exactly. That single track gets real hectic. Parts my friend Adrian had to ride my bike up.... I would like to say only because my hurt foot, but even with a good foot not sure I would have been able to tackle it. Either way we both made it after an exhausting few hours. The plan was then to only been on 1096 for about 10 K's and jump off again onto some more dirt which would bring us just south of Pie, but the sun was setting and I wanted to get an x-ray.

    Has for the northern does go through Muang Noi and I'm pretty sure there is only one dirt track that connects Pie to Cave Lodge... It's a nice ride, real easy in the dry season (3 - 4 hours), and the wet season can get a bit slippery... though fun none the less.....

    As for the foot... no break, just pulled muscle and ligaments... have it bandaged up and resting it for 7 - 10 days and should be new again...
  6. Wow what an awesome video and an awesome trip!!! Maybe next time I'll can you, somebody has to bring up the rear, right? I mean no way I'd go that fast off road, pure madness...

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