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  1. I understand that Shark helmets are manufactured in Thailand for export. Has anyone managed to get there hands on one at a local price or knows where the factory is located for a factory-direct purchase?
  2. According to Peter R:

    "Shark helmets are available at considerably less than half the UK price" ... rchTerms=a


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  3. Shark
    In Chiang Mai you can get Shark helmets from Sa Moto.
    The helmets pictured below cost 7,500 baht each


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  4. Thank you both. I shall look to pick one up when next in town.
  5. Hy everybody.

    My name is jean louis living in laos since 1992 after 8 years in Thailand and few sailing on a 85' chinese sailing junk around the globe... riding bikes since 3 years old with my dad...and presently riding 250 TTR and 750 Chiang Jiang sidecar model 1939.

    on the chapter of SHARK helmets, I just would like to inform you that I am Officially the Authorized and Sole Distributor of SHARK helmets in Laos.
    I have currently stock in Vientiane on Off Road range, Carbon/Kevlar range and others on different sizes and colours but as well can supply on large quantities if required and of course at very competitive prices(average 40 % cheaper then retail price in France).

    If anyone interested getting some more informations, please do not hesitate to contact me directly:

    mobile 856 20 7703103
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


    keep in touch

    Note: if anyone needs assistance or advise on trips to penian I will be there... Ho Chi Minh trail is my favourite !

    and if you need to take a break and have some good massage...pass by my, everyone love it

    a bientot

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