Sharp 5 Star Rated Helmets For Sale In Thailand


Sep 28, 2010
South-East Asia
You're probably familiar with the independent testing carried out by SHARP, the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme, "a scheme to help motorcyclists make an informed choice when buying a helmet" and the Australian version, CRASH, "Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets." Bottom line, it makes sense to restrict one's choice of helmet to those that have the highest safety rating. Why wouldn't you?

Here's a list of 5 Star rated motorcycle helmets which are available in Thailand as of January 2019. Please feel free to add to the list.

Full Face Helmets
Airoh Valor
- 5 Star, Green & Yellow rating
Airoh Valor - SHARP
£109.99 / 4900THB from H2H, Panda Rider, etc.
Airoh Valor สีขาวล้วน


5300THB Special Offer (Jan '19) at Chang Moto, 558/8 Charoen Muang Road (close to junction with SuperHighway), Chiang Mai

AGV Veloce S - 5 Star SHARP rating, All Green "Very Good" rating
AGV Veloce S - SHARP

Any of the AGV Pista helmets score 5 Stars. They cost around 46,000THB and are available through most AGV main dealers.

"System" or Opening Helmets

Caberg Trip - 5 Star, All Green, 90%

Caberg Duke - 5 Star, All Green ratings, 87% Percentage of impacts where the face guard remained fully locked
£144.99 / 8000THB

- Discontinued Caberg Konda had 97% rating for the face guard lock mechanism
- There is a low correlation between helmet brand recognition and safety rating.
- There is a low correlation between price and safety rating.


Dec 11, 2012
Does anyone have anything to say about the recently made REAL helmets. Old info suggests they may have been the only Thai made helmet with any level of recognised testing. I used a GJ-630-II for years and it seemed quite well made, hardy and reasonable quality feel, but I know its all in the Crash Test. There was a guy on here ages ago called Richard BKK who seemed to speak highly of REAL, and I once saw a link to a REAL test facility video, but it was quite old. Recently, I bought a new REAL (in a hurry) one Sunday on my way home. Its called a Panora, (which always makes me think of Pandora’s ...) Supposedly released 2 years ago, brand new in the box, and it was....

Its got a removable 'clip in' chin guard with release buttons in helmet sides and its like of a cross between an open face & a flip up adventure helmet. After a week or two’s ownership it looks / feels OK, but the 'flip down sunglasses' (so popular with some, and seemingly now fitted to ALL REAL open face helmets is rubbish. The T Bar Visor faster pivots, spin with visor and look like their days are numbered. It also feels sort of flimsy, not as good as the old GJ-630-II. Hmmm. Anyone know anything about REAL and their safety record / quality control of late?

Maybe I’ll bin it and go and buy a HJC open face, if I can find one.