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  1. Not all Shell stations sell VPower nor Caltex sell regular 95 , I reckon only 3 out of 5 sell 95 Non gasohol fuel and they are concentrated in Big sities or major highways.
  2. Shell sells 95 (pure) in Trad (road to Leam Ngop) for 42 or 43.

    And - surprise - I found 95 in a village in Loei, close to the Mekong: the owner of the petrol station drives a 'vintage' car. (was at least the reason he told me) May be another reason is the proximity of the bridge where a major quantity goods are exported to Lao P.D.R.

    But some kind of pattern of availability of 95 petrol would be helpful.
  3. Caltex seem only to have it in 20% of there shops .
  4. I just picked up on something very interesting and Distressing in the last few days. Shell have been quietly changing their 95 V-Power Gasoline Pumps over to 95 V-Power Gasohol, The Stickers look the same only the Word Gasoline changed to Gasohol :!: And I have Yet to See any Caltex 95 Gasoline Pumps in the North here so it may well be the End of Real Gasoline as We know it??? Weather Your Brain has the Mental Capacity to Detect the difference between 91 and 95 is another Story but it is there and Especially Noticeable in Smaller or Older Carbureted Engines!!! I would Just like to have the Option of Choose Myself, Not be dictated to!!!
  5. Ian That is distressing there are lots of bikes and cars out there that still cannot run on gasohol

    Caltex are still selling 95 at some stations but its patchy for sure i believe that the refineries may soon stop making 95 regular....eeeeekkk
  6. Seems like the proverbial ever deceasing circles, first you do your best to find benzine 95 with shell being the easiest to spot then you come back from a trip abroad to find your local station had changes to 100% gasahol. So now you look for benzine 91 but for sure it seems before long this will vanish as well.
    better get used to it i guess. I wonder what the price of gasahol will be when it becomes the only choice?

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