Shell to introduce Non Gasohol V Power 95+ to thailand

Discussion in 'Technical' started by monsterman, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Bangkok post today says Shell Thailand will start selling Vpower fuel which is a premium grade non gasohol 95+ Octane fuel at 400 filling stations .

    V power is very well thought of in Europe and has a rating of 95-99 RON

    This is excellent news.
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  3. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Gasohol is subsidised by the government and has less tax than benzine95.
  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Who Cares What it Costs :? Just Give Us back 95 and Most People will be Happy :wink: The Price difference is So little You would have to Be on an Extremely Tight Budget even to Consider the cost difference between 91 & 95 :?: Specially when Filling up a Chicken Chaser :roll: I Filled up with Shell down in Pattaya and they had 95 V-Power then. Hard to tell any Difference from any Fuel IMO when you are travelling at a High Speed? Normal Riding or around Town I think you may notice it though?
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    I was in Airport Plaza Chiang Mai today and they Had a Huge Promotion going on for Shell 95 V-Power. Had Ferrari Driving Simulators, Stage, Promo Girls and Were Giving away All Sorts of Ferrari & Shell Merchandise :shock: I didn't take a Real Close Look as it was Packed but i was Told They have 4 Outlets in Chiang Mai :wink: Good News indeed. That's it for Me, Shell Stations will be the Places to Stop for Fuel on any Trips :D
  6. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    They say they will roll it out to 400-500 outlets
  7. JohhnyE

    JohhnyE Ol'Timer

    I used to have a policy of avoiding Shell because of their inclination to deny any responsibility for the atrocities they indirectly contributed to in Nigeria among other places. That was when I was young and more opinionated than I am now.
    I then only supported Shell (in Thailand at least) when they were the last to stock 95.
    On this news Ian I will continue to exclusively support them and exclusively avoid PTT at all costs.
    As I've said on many occasions it's a matter of consumer choice and environmental concerns.
  8. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    At this Stage it looks Like it is every Man for themselves in the World :shock: I Believe the Environment and People are of the Least Concern to any Oil Company but they do the Token Charity Work and False Publicity to Patronise the Queers from the Bleeding Hearts Groups and all the Human Rights Dick Heads :evil: Being as Blind as these Groups are they accept it :?: Love that Doha Fund advertisement that the Arabs have!!! Spending a Ti-pence on the Peasants while they Drive around in Gold Plated and Diamond Covered MClaren Mercedes 8) So we may as well Just Take the Fuel while it is here and Enjoy it while We can :wink:
  9. siinthai

    siinthai Ol'Timer

    Hey mate...why don't you get off the fence and say what you really think ! :lol:
  10. JohhnyE

    JohhnyE Ol'Timer

    Ian do you know where the 4 Chiang Mai outlets are?
  11. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hi friends,

    Speaking about Shell V95...

    In France, we have the choice of: 95 and 98 normal gasoline, E20 and now I think E85 (right camarade Azoulay?). So some years ago, back there before settling in CNX, I used to run all my classic bikes and cars with Benzine 98 and all worked nice, I never had any problem with this...
    Here in LOS, most of the bikers/drivers use the 91 gasoline, as I do. The 95 seems not to have a good reputation...

    Is the Octane Researched Rating is the same in the west and "here"? Are the gas "specs" the same?..

    I remember even in low compression engines (about 8 to 9) as in my Citroën 2 CV, Classic Beetle or VW Bus, BMW R90, the 98 worked well. And all my friends with classic bikes and cars did it... We NEVER used the 95...
    In the '60s/'70s, the Beetle or Bus and the 2 CV can ran on 89 gas...
    Here, with my classic Beetle, I use the 91 "tamada" and the car runs great... as I use it in my Yamaha FZ6 (compression ratio: 12.2)!

    Someone can enlighten me about that please...

    Is Shell V 95 a new kind of gas (spreaded Octane Rating, special specs...)? Are "all" types of gas engine allowed to run with the V 95?.. What are the benefits of this Shell gas?..

  12. Pikey


    After using all the different petrol mixes available here in Thai (91 benzene, 91 & 95 gasohol) in my 2007 Triumph Bonnie, the other day I thought I'd try a tankful of the supposedly marvellous Shell V-Power.

    Well, apart from emptying my wallet at 500THB for a tankful, it made f*ck all difference to the perceived power of the bike (same acceleration, same revs/speed, same gear on familiar hills e.t.c) so when I flipped onto reserve and got a refill, it was back to 91 gasohol which I have been running without a prob for the past 18 months.

    Unless you have an old bike with a very high compression engine, it sounds like marketting bollocks to me!


  13. Snail

    Snail Ol'Timer

    Not convinced that higher octane makes no difference. Some months ago on a new KLX250 in which I'd been running 91 gasohol I switched to 95 gasohol when filling in Pai on the way back to Chiang Mai. I noticed that the engine would pull stronger and not run out of grunt so easily on the uphill sections. On the flat or going down made no difference.
    The Ducati ran a LOT better using 95 when compared to 91. The engine was crisper ad ran more smoothly on 95. During the last year or so when forced to use 91 I had problems with sticky injectors. Took a while to figure out what the cause was but once 95 became available again the problem has completely gone! It made no difference which 91 I ran, Esso, Shell, Caltex, PTT....they all caused the same sticky injector problem.
    When 95 was everywhere I only used PTT. Years ago on one of the trips to Singapore I compared the mileage I got form a tankful of gas. Same bike, same riding conditions and riding the same way. PTT was far superior as I consistently got 2 to 4 km per litre MORE compared to any of the other brands.
    Just my 2 bahts worth :lol:

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