Shitload (can I say that?) of photos

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  1. Well Adam at the Bayon Pearnik had a lot of space and offered to allow me to put up some pics. Quite a few rides through out the country, and might answer some regional questions about some areas we visit. go to and click gallery. then click my photo gallery not my ca2 website. enjoy
  2. let me rephrase that, the thumbnail pages are up. photos still getting uploaded.
  3. Jim
    A shitload eh?
    Good stuff & yeah sure you can say that on this message board.
    Have you considered trying to include some pix on your GT Rider trip reports next time?
    Makes em look good by the shitload I reckon.

    Keep The Power On
  4. dont know how to do that david. I saw some trip reports with photos and they seem to link to other hosting places for the photos. not sure how to embed them in the reports. I dont do a lot of web work especially with out a hook up and the slow connections but with a little knowledge would be more than happy to get them here as well.
  5. Jim
    Most of us GT Riders are using to store the photos on that site. Then in the text you just basically insert a hyperlink to the photo on the smugmug site & the photos pop up as if they are on the GT Rider board. Pretty tricky eh. Hope you can work it out ok & set it up.

    Keep The Power On
  6. will give that a shot. thanks and give my regards to Reverend Parish next time you see him.
  7. Jim
    Should work out ok. If you have any trouble contact me off the board.
    The Reverend Parish is on tour at the moment riding his motorbike along the Mekong, somewhere north-east of here. I think he's been having a good time, but missing Cafe California. He should be heading your way in a week or two, I think it is.

    Keep The Power On

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