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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Franz, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Dear Gt-riders, anyone able to give me a recommendation on where to get REAR shock absorbers for my 24 yrs old XJ750Seca ? Location of shop within Thailand not important as I can order by email & transfer. Tried already YSS in Samut Prakarn, they recommended Z series (RZ302-320TRL-10)for THB 16k which is much too much for such an old bike, another option were the cheap BRAVO series (RD222-320P-10) which they only want to sell in pairs of 5 (4 pairs I could keep as spares for the next 50 years)......., dimension needed: lenght 320mm, top 14x20 mm, bottom 14x20, and 60 mm shroud covers, would need them new, any manufatorer like Ohlins, YSS,.....grateful for any information, Franz
  2. Hi Franz,
    What about rebuilding your Old Shocks here in Chiang Mai? Much Cheaper :D I have had my Raid and some Chinese Bikes done with Perfect Results. Massive Difference and work excellent :D I went To Pang Shop near the Gymkhana Club. I know a few Guys get their work done by Him even KTM's His Name is Suchat Kultipun Tel#: 081-5951143. He doesn't speak much English so get one of your Staff to Talk with Him. Your Yamaha is in Chiang Mai right? If you need any help i can take you there next time you are up. Good Luck Mate and all the Best.
  3. Hi Ian, many many thanks for your tip, will do so naturally as I would like to have the original ones on this bike as there may be no more than 50 Seca's runnning worldwide. As I speak fluently Thai I will try to do it myself next time I'm up in CNX, anyway, beers & food will be on the table again, will be there 21.-24th Feb and have to go to Fang one day, so this time I hope I make it to your place in Mae Sa, thanks again & see you there !! Cheers Franz

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