Short Term 3rd Party Property Insurance For Rented Motorcycles

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  1. Looking for any information re 3rd party property insurance on short term rentals. Plan is to rent out of Chiang Mai and complete the MHS Loop before heading into Laos at Huay Xai and talking the northern region. Proposed duration of the ride is 2 weeks, give or take. Haven't had much joy getting any info out of the renters in Thailand but did get a response from a company based in Vientiane who advised the Laos insurance can be picked up at the border close to the check point? Anyone got any advice re what can be arranged in Thailand? Just want to be covered if any of our party happen to have an incident with a local and big money is involved as travel insurance probably won't cater for this kind of situation. Or will it??? Any information would be appreciated.
  2. You cant get Thai motor vehicle insurance to cover you in a foreign country. But you take out local insurance for the country you are traveling / riding in.
    Lao insurance you can usually pick up at any border crossing.

    I have the maximum 3rd party coverage for a year in Laos & it costs me 493,500 kip a year = 1,860 baht approximately.
    AGL is the company I use
    Allianz | Insurance, Allianz General Laos

    the other "big" insurance company is Lao Viet who are often at the border too.
    Lao-Viet Insurance Company

    The coverage you get is low by western standards & you shouldn't expect 5-star coverage / service if you encounter a problem in the boonies, away from a main city. It is what it is & you ride accordingly.

    Read this
    Repa accident in laos
    if you want to scare yourself & know how bad it can get.

    For travel insurance ask your insurance company in Australia.
  3. Appreciate the info David. Here's hoping we won't need to worry about insurance but just in case I'll be sure to check out your recommendations. Our party will all have travel insurance covering us for the usual issues along with covering us to ride motorcycles. I'll need to look into the coverage for other peoples property? What we are trying to avoid is having to shell out millions of baht or kip if one of us happens to hit someones Bently and cause vast amounts of damage.
  4. Back when I was trying to decide which new bike to buy, I spent the better part of a day going to various insurance companies. Bangkok Insurance - where I already have 3 policies, Tokyo Marine, AXA, and a couple more. My plan was to rent from Pop Carrent for a week each, try them out, and decide which one I liked the best. No Luck. No company would sell me any insurance for a bike I did not own - or a bike that was not financed in my name. Pop only carries 3rd party on their rentals. You wreck it, you pay for it. My health insurance covered me for any injuries to myself, but besides the minimum which David mentions above, you are on your own.
  5. That seems to be where we're at. Assume Pop's 3rd party is only valid in Thailand and we'll need to try hook something up at the border for Laos.

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