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  1. Well on Wednesday received a call from my partner that he's got an accident so I sat on the DR and went to see him on the Lampang-Denchai diretissima, took me just a little over 1,5 hours to go there with full throttle. But shortly after the roadcross in Denchai I spotted a red F650 parked along the road in direction of Phrae, I think I know this bike and stopped. An elderly frustrated US citizen & biker :crazy: just looking for the stars to give him a hint of any direction... :silent: ....even starting to pray to all the spirits in the skies to give him any ray of hope or hint on where to go.
    Made me laugh and laugh again :mrgreen: , CDRW stranded like a whale on the beach 55555 :happy2: , where to go to Uttaradit and Philoke ?? Well turn back and then left please, no no I just came from there, oooops Jay I think you again made some additional kilometers, Jay: no can't turn left BECAUSE I CAME FROM THERE :crazy: , well me: straight on to Lampang and left to UTTARADIT, maybe 45 kms only, good road, and then all the way to Philoke, NONONONO can't be I came from there, okay take out a map and show then it slightly dimmed that he might have done a little detour again :idea: 55555555555555555555. What fun to give Jay some directions, wonder if he ever goes to India and asks for directions there, hihihihi. Both of us had a nice chat, a Thai also confirmed my directions so hopefully Jay you made it finally to Chayaphoom and back to Pattaya !!!!! Jay you read this ?? Where ?? Pattani ?? 555555555555555
    Here's our fearless scout:

    Well we said our good-byes and he turned back and then hopefully left, me went straight on just to find my partner badly bruised with a totally swollen right shoulder, arm in a sling, feet some burns and rashes but no broken bones, BECAUSE of riding jacket gloves and helmet !!!!! A 60+ year old Somchai came in the wrong direction and then went straight over to a U-turn, not looking no indicators, nothing......even the police confirmed his total inability to ride anything. His bike something completely battered, no plate, no tax, no insurance, no helmet just flip flops, short and shirt, not even a somtam bowl on his head. Luckily old man got stitched in his face and sent home with no major injuries. Fiu's in a worse shape as he can't dress & shower himself, so I'm not going anywhere (Sorry for that John and the other mates in Khon Kaen). and as soon as they bring him & the Bros back, well I got another week before I start my new job and what do you think I'm gonna do ???? 55555555555 again work on some screw-up by Somchai.............. :take-that:
    Here's what happened to many many days & weekends of loving work:
    Am I p.ssed ?? Well nit noi mahk mahk......................
    555555555555 good thing nobody got hurt seriously, bike can be repaired, Fiu's confidence got now a small dent, maybe for his own good.......cheers, Franz
  2. Franz
    Sorry to hear the news, but good to know that Fiu is all "ok" & has a nice nurse looking after him. :smile1: :smile1:
    Shame about the bike & all that hard work though. :evil: :evil:

    And after tonight's news at least he was not in a hospital with the red shirts on the rampage! Unbelievable. Anarchy is the order of the day / night right now.

    :lol-sign: :lol-sign:
  3. Oh dear Franz I am so sorry to hear this.

    Say hi to Fui & wish him well.

  5. Sorry for Fiu, finally we must think positively that, at least, it was not worse! Driving here is crazy, even for locals. But would we really be somewhere else? It's anyway good to have these remainders, I felt guilty that I came to your party with just a T-Shirt. Sometimes I forget that the road begins right before my door and that, a thousand kilometres away, it is also just road.

    All the best for Fiu and for the week-ends that you will have to invest in another "re-polishing"!

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