Shout out to Hiko for helping me get my bike repaired


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Jul 31, 2012
I just wanted to publicly thank Hiko for finding me a new mechanic for my Majesty 250. I use to go to Joe's motorcycle shop but several months ago his shop dissappeared. I was always happy with the work Joe's shop did.

Anyway friction suddenly developed on my rear wheel and quickly got worse. So much so that it was difficult to pull the bike out from its parking spot. I could feel the engine working against the friction when riding. I was concerned :wtf:. Since I couldn't find Joe I contacted Hiko. Hiko set me up with a new mechanic right away.

Of course I wanted the friction problem solved but my speedo/odometer had stopped working as well (seems to happen every couple of years) and I wanted a tune up and general inspection also new tires.

About a week later and 8500bht I got the bike back. He had listed all the work and parts on the invoice unfortunately I either misplaced it or perhaps forgot to take it so I can only give you a vague idea of the work he did. But Jesus Christ Almighty the bike has never run this well for me.

New parts + brake job on the front wheel, new bearings on the steering column, new bearings on the rear wheel, bunch of stuff in the transmission was worked on, did some work on the carburator and apparantly sacraficed a very fast virgin unicorn (very hard to find) and soaked my bike in its blood.

It's funny, I didn't know that the Majesty was this light and manouverable, it tracks so well and is so much smoother now.

I'm very happy with the outcome. The most I ever paid at Joe's was 3000bht to seal a leaky fork. I never bought tires from Joe but was going to and he qouted me 3k for new ones. So I think the price is pretty good because this new guy did a lot of work and put lots of new parts in.

Here is a google map of were this guy is located:

It's right next to a car wash. Heading from Pattaya to Jomtien you'll pass the car wash and right after is his shop.

I'm happy with his work but I can only speak for myself. Had I known of him during Joe's time I would've used him instead.