Si Nan National Park

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  1. In the event that anyone has plans to go through the Si Nan National Park, I have just done that on R1083 and its in shocking shape. The views are of course fabulous but the road is pot holed and covered with gravel 70% of the way. It took hours go what is really a very short distance down to the R 1047 which, when we got there, was not much better. Our plan was to stop in Chat Trakan or there abouts but we lost so much time that we ended up staying at the Sirikit Dam near Nam Pat.
    But the views are fantastic looking down to the Nan River from the lookout


    Crossing the Nan River which is still quite high

    No photos of the state of the road I am afraid as I was too busy trying to stay cool steering through the pot holes listening to the gravel crunching below.:mad:
    Vast quantities of Leo were required to regain composure!

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  2. Ron,
    Good to see you out with your mate & his GS.
    Hope he got his ABS issues sorted.
    Looking forward to more on this ride.
    Nan is glorious riding.
  3. Rhodie, for the moment he has disconnected the ABS as he doesn't have time to go back to BKK to sort it out, too busy riding and he rides with a good margin for safety. He's not looking forward to the bill from Barcelona also me thinks!
  4. Nice pictures Ron ... would love to see more :)
  5. Thanks for the report Ron. Lovely photos.

    The 1083 is one of my favorite roads; a real shame if its as bad as you say.
    Good info for anyone planning to go there. Thanks.
  6. I was along that road about a year ago Colin and it was a dream but as we know, a day is a long time in LOS, let alone a year.
    As an aside, I want down from Arunothai to the 107 today and from Sinchai to Haui Pak that road is also a mess - but then again, it usually is:happy2:

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