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  1. DavidFL

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    The Khao Tom 25


    the only night restaurant of note in Si Satchanalai

    Loads of space


    good inexpensive food


    English & Thai menus

    Location: central downtown on the corner of soi 12


    & the sign to look out for Khao Tom 25


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  3. DavidFL

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    If you're passing through & in need of a cuppa then check out the Nana Coffee

    IMG_9609. Nana Coffee Si Satchanalai

    run by some very polite young Thai guys into bikes


    IMG_9606. Nana Coffee Si Satchanalai

    IMG_9607. Nana Coffee Si Satchanalai

    IMG_9608. Nana Coffee Si Satchanalai

    Location central downtown, heading south on the right hand side.

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  4. Deano747

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    And just plotted my lunch stop for after the old city on the way to Uttaradit.

    Thanks David.

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