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    Siem Reap is a charming town with an abundance of cool pubs & restaurants down town.

    A few we (the GF & I) found enjoyable in July 2016.

    Sister Srey

    a cool roadside cafe, by the river.


    Started & run by 2 Aussie gals. Top service & real barista coffee.""
    Excellent variety of breakfasts.

    The Green Salad brekky (for the GF)
    fresh salad veges, mushrooms, crispy bacon & poached eggs. Scrumptious.

    The Big Daddy Brekky for the old boy

    Some Sister Srey PR

    Sister Srey Cafe is a Social Enterprise, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Run and operated by Sisters Lauren And Cassie. The Girls, opened the business to have "Good Coffee" and also help and support Khmer students and to make a sustainable impact into the community.

    Our vision at Sister Srey Cafe is to support young Khmer students who struggle to keep a balance between study and supporting their family. Each staff member in trained in hospitality, English language skills, personal development, health and hygiene and banking. We are a stepping stone to a brighter future and a means for them to have skills and knowledge to approach the world empowered and confident.

    Sister Srey has various incentives and activities in which support the local and rural community. The team is an active member of Siem Reaps "Clean up Temple town" where our staff volunteer to pick up rubbish around town and create a cleaner environment. Monthly, our staff participate in our community service program "Helping out a friend" Where each staff member chooses a NGO or project of choice and do something for people less fortunate than themselves.

    More to come

  2. The Soup Dragon
    on the corner entrance to Pub Street
    prime location. Breezy atmosphere. Polite efficient service from English speaking staff.
    Huge menu with 200+items, & it all seemed good, such that GF insisted on eating here each night.

    the mango salad with smoked fish was an absolute winner.

    The Banana Leaf Pub
    straight opposite the Soup Dragon, on the other corner.
    Nice atmosphere. Good music. Good drinks.

    Cafe Central

    a nice funky open air corner cafe.


    Excellent coffee. Great breakfasts.

    Eggs Benedict

    Tasty Noodles for the GF
  3. The Score Sports Bar & Grill

    The #1 Sports Bar - 7 TVs to watch your favourite sports.

    THE place to watch MotoGP
    not be missed if you need your bike racing fix.
  4. Miss Wong Cocktail Bar
    GTR - IMG_7336.JPG
    A classic beauty of a pub & step back into old Shanghai: "Easily the most atmospheric and most seductive bar in Siem Reap."
    GTR - IMG_7335.JPG

    renowned for its local cocktails
    GTR - IMG_7339.JPG

    a really cool spot to chill out for a bit
    GTR - IMG_7338.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7341.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7340.JPG

    in the lane behind & parallel to Pub Street
    Highly recommended.
  5. Living in Siem Reap there are a wide variety of Bars & restaurants which offer great food.

    Here are my Top 5

    1. IVY Guesthouse
    The Ivy is the longest running western run budget guesthouse in Siem Reap. The original Ivy first opened it's doors in 2000 and has been catering for budget travelers ever since. The Western/Khmer family environment gives you a unique and authentic experience of Siem Reap. Relax in our lounge, enjoy a meal at our fantastic restaurant and discover the 'Kingdom of Wonder'. Also you can't miss Tapas Night every Friday Night: Amazing food and cocktails for $1.25 a plate/glass. They also do a quiz night on Thursdays, with specials for food & drink. Also home to Pol Pot's Toilet seat which was salvaged by owner Karl Balch in early 2000 from Anlong Veng.

    Check out some of the bargains you can get on TAPAS night!

    Mushroom Roti

    BBQ Skewers

    Asian Fish Curry
    Ivy's Famous Chocolate Mousse

    Some of the other Menu Items:

    All Day English Breakfast

    Cajun Chicken Sandwich

    Beef & Cheese Panini

    Tapas Night - A living Legend!


    2. Rosy Guesthouse

    A family run guesthouse opposite the relaxing Royal Gardens and the Siem Reap River. Rosy Guesthouse serves up wholesome British Pub food: awesome English breakfasts, pies, jacket potatoes and loads of other hearty options for the hungry bike rider. Great place to hang out at night with a lively bar, incl. pool-table and pub games. They also host regular quiz nights and other events for charity.


    Steak & Kidney Pie. Also have guiness, stilton & many other options
    One of the best Breakfasts in Siem Reap

    img_0512. img_0491.

    3. X-Bar

    X Bar is a great rooftop venue overlooking the hustle and bustle of Pub Street. X Bar opens in the afternoon and closes normally around dawn, and stopping by at any point in your nightlife adventure will yield a different atmosphere: everything from relaxing acoustic jams or mixed favorites just as dusk falls, to the hardcore madness of a 4-AM drum and bass session. For several years it has been the place to go to see live music & DJs. They also sell great pub food which are served until close. They also have a half pipe on the roof for all you skaters out there and hold regular theme nights.


    Cambodian Space Project


    Jam Night

    X Bar 4.

    The Other 2 i was going to list David has already mentioned them earlier in this thread

    4. Sister Srey
    5. Cafe Central

    I will write up some more next time.

    If you're passing through Siem Reap, need advice on the area, repairs or info on routes pop into the office and ask for Dave.
    Google Maps

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