Singapore to N. Thailand - Starting May 25

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  1. All: My buddy and I are heading up North, as detailed below. Hope we can meet up with some of you during our trip. Let us know.

    May 25 - Singapore to Penang
    May 26 - Penang to Krabi
    May 27 - Krabi to Hua Hin
    May 28 - Hua Hin to Sukothai
    May 29 - Sukothai to Nan
    May 30 - Nan/Pua/Doi Phuka Loop
    May 31 - Nan to Chiang Kham
    June 1 - Chiang Kham to Mae Sai
    June 2 - Mae Sai to Tha Ton
    June 3 - Tha Ton to Chiang Mai
    June 4 - Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son
    June 5 - Mae Hong Son to Mae Chaem
    June 6 - Mae Chaem to Mae Sot
    June 7 - Mae Sot to Kanchanaburi
    June 8 - Kanchanaburi to Sanghkla Buri
    June 9 - Sangkhla Buri to Phetchaburi
    June 10 - Phetchaburi to Krabi
    June 11 - Krabi to Penang
    June 12 - Penang to Singapore

    Is there anywhere to stay overnight in Sangkhla Buri?

    See you soon...
  2. Andrew: drive from Chiang Kham to Mae Sai through Chiangrai, or Chiang Khong-Chiang Saen?
    Maybe join up with you a few hours.
    Have a nice and save trip!
  3. Hi Proddy,

    "Nan to Chiang Kham". Chiang Kham is not well known for good accomodations and with the food being more or less on the boring village-type side of things. Plus it is a very easy and Fast trip via rt.1148 from Nan to Chiang Khong. Chiang Khong has a good variety of cheep and nice bungalows and most of them over-look the river too. Also lots of good food to choose from.

    Once you reach Chiang Kham from rt.1148 take any road the leads you East and up along the Laos border towards Doi Phu Chi and then continue North along this back area to Chiang Khong. All roads along here are fine on a road bike. And the back road leading North from Doi Phu Chi to Chiang Khong is now an excellent road and not the off road type that it previously was. We did this back road out of Doi Phu Chi just a couple of days ago so this info is current.

    All up with plenty of pit stops and photo shooting, this route from Nan to Chiang Khong should be no more then 6 hours with a lot of Great Riding! And cool weather too.

    Regarding Kanchanaburi to Krabi. Most everything along this route will be pretty much a let down after your travels up North, plus you will have already coverd this area while coming up from the South. Hua Hin is the only really nice place to stay. There are accomodations no further apart then every 30 minutes or so, so you can pick and choose depending on your inclination for that given day. Kanchanaburi to Krabi is plus or minus 12 hours of hot and boring major highway with loads of traffic. We've done this trip more times then we care to think about and prefer to do it at one go.

    This time of year you can catch a bad weather system with lots of rain, so all bets are off on travel times and comfort levels from one point to another...

    When you get to Chiang Khong, stop by for a coffee or a cold one or two.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  4. David, thks for the tips. The daily routes just got optimised and Chiang Kham and Kanchanaburi will get skipped. Will look out for you in Chiang Khong. By the way, how cool is cool? Andrew
  5. Good morning Andrew,

    "How cool is cool". Solid overcast this morning with light drizzel and low last night around 18 and high today if the drizzel and overcast stays will probably be around 23 or so. And at higher elevation the temps can be lower. But then as soon as you get around Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and elsewhere, the heat really heats up; alla Singapore style.

    Cheers & give us a call when in the area 01 9902096. We are most always up for a ride.

    David and Mai
  6. Rene,

    Got your email via gt-rider board - thanks. But when I tried to email you back my IP systems admin says the return address is a SPAM... Please give us a call and for sure, lets go for a ride.

    David and Mai
  7. Rene & David
    Ah yes GT Riders getting together for a ride - let's hope you can contribute a trip report sometime in the near future?

    Keep The Power On
  8. Anyone: Any idea whether there is somewhere to stop overnight in Sangkhla Buri?
  9. Andrew; unfortunately no.
    Maybe David fl will know? he is an exp Gt rider.
    Thanks for the message David fl, we will write something.
  10. David, thanks for the info. I didn't expect such places to be listed in a WWW search but now I know better. I got back to Singapore a few days ago after covering approx 8000 KM. The Thai people made the trip for me. Fabulous! I'll definitely be back for more not least because we just scratched the surface. Andrew
  11. Hello Andrew, hope you enjoyed the trip.Unfortunately we did not meet because you changed your schedule, because of this, no pics and storeys;-(, maybe some other time?
    Rgds rene-chiangrai.

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