Sisaket Bike Ride Dec 23

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  1. Well first time riding with "Locals"
    we got nice group of bikes, total of 14 bikes 1 support car, just incase :lol:
    got people from many corners of the world, Brits, Welsmen,Scot,Fin,Ger,Swiss,Swed and new yorker and yank.
    So 14 bikes, Beemer,Odd looking Bike with German painting's, 2 platinums,Kawa D-tracker,HD and 8 Phantoms.

    These guys riding with shorts and flip flops and "Filling up" before and middle and after the ride....

    But really dedicated Phantom group they have but riding bit slow for me if riding whole day, our normal speed was 63-69km/h

    Ok pictures.
    Gino from NY, he was our leader from Sisaket to Phayu
    German guy Tony with his speed demon bike, he got bit trouble with his bike later on the road
    Old german guy with his "Normal" phantom, Kawa is behind me and taking it slow on the begining.
    Reach the guys in Pha Yu as you can see, these guys have painted they bike on they county flags
    Where is this guy from :wink: he got a lot of attention on the road and i think it's only platinum who literally has been riden off the bridge and re-builded and it's back on the road, frame is bit twisted still but working.
    Riding gear
    and 3rd stop on Kantaralak group,now all are here
    Tony noticed that something eating his back tyre and after close look he noticed that his back fender as on nutt what is craping his tyre, he is fixing it.
    Some of the riders with missuses.
    Reached Suan Loong farm in Nam Yuen for lunch and various drinks.
    In this time, whole fender was loosen form the nutt and tony is fixing it "again"
    Beemers tools came handy.
    Time for re-fill and food also
    Nice and happy campers have to say, they really enjoed the ride but R2248 is so much full of potholes, it toke whole consentration to ride it safely.
    Final group photo after nice chat and exchanged contact details and some of the guys took of back to home andd i stick with the remaining guys back to Kantaralak and final stop there for re-re-fill

    As this was they first organiced tour, they are planning to organice ride now monthly or something.

    and last here is little pass by riding, i speed up little head of them and took small clip, looks nice.

    It was interesting day out, tony almost blew his back tyre up,1platinum got it's cluts cable snapt and other platinum it's one of the plastic headline fell of from vibaration.
  2. Good on you Marco.

    That's a mixed group for sure.

    How is the shaft drive leak?
  3. Shaft leak is nothing to worried abt, talked abt that with guys in BMWLT pages and got valuable info and now just monitoring, nothng to worry abt.

    How ever i will opening that up when i take bike in to parts, when changing slave cylinder & Cluths plate when i get them finally from Germany
  4. Nice report, the frame that was bent was that the guy or the bike :lol:
  5. Ray

    To be honest,, i think it was both 8)
  6. Around my place I know whcih one it is and the bv bike is perfect.

    You know this is an amazing place I think you would be hard pressed to find so many Olg Gits liked all messed up phyically still riding then this small country
  7. Sorry I missed you guys coming to Sisaket I am in Australia & NZ for a while, I did hear that you were coming.
    I'm not surprised crazy Tony had a few bits falling off his Kawasaki 1600. The whole rear swing arm was widened to fit the fattest tyre he could get and everything had to be re fabricated to accomodate it. It was an expensive tyre so he won't be too happy if it is shot. Anyway good to see him and Gino(2 members of the so called United Knights) out riding the countryside. Hope I can be with you next time.
    Cheers, Peter

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