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  1. Just back from a solo trip through all of the changwats of Isaan (except Loei).

    2.900 km, 6 days/5 nights.

    Bangkok to Surin (via Aranyaprathet) - Night One
    Surin to Mukdahan (via Ubon R.) - Night Two
    Mukdahan to Sakhon Nakhon (via Yasothon, Roi Et, Mahasarakham, Kalasin) - Night Three
    Sakhon Nakhon to Nong Khai (via Nakhon Phanom) - Night Four
    Nong Khai to Chaiyaphum (via Nong Bua Lamphu/Udorn/KK) - Night Five
    Chaiyaphum to Bangkok ... ember2008#


    S. :-D
  2. Matey

    Link is not working at least on my comp
  3. Thanks, it looks as if the original link was truncated in the cut and paste. I've corrected it, thanks for the alert.

  4. Nice pictures

    i saw that you passed my pharmacy on HW23 on your trip from yaso to Mukhadan,,,i live 60km from Yaso towards Ubon.
  5. Thanks, Marco. I think I did not pass your place - I came down to Yasothon from Mukdahan and picked up 23 at Yaso - I then went the other direction, west/northwest, toward Roi Et and Mahasarakham.

    But I'll know what to look for next time I'm over that way. It's a beautiful area of Thailand.

    I particularly enjoyed the run from Khong Chiam up to Khemarat, a place I'd like to go back to... The road surface on that section is the worst I saw on this trip, but the country is wild and beautiful and isolated. I'm just glad my flat tire was not there...

  6. Matey

    ok, you went that way, yeah my place is Khueng Nai and we have almost completet Pharmacy and Japanese shop here(similar to 100yen shop)
    Should be open before new year.Will post ppictures when it will be open.

    Also agreement made between me and Dave Unk we are giving special discount for all GT-riders from Medicines and medical advices as my wife is ex-ICU nurse from Bumgrungrad hospital and now fully studyed Pharmasist, with fluent Endlish. Read & Write and verbal

    Roads in some parts here really suck as they are full of potholes and not smooth at all.

    You are always welcome and coffee or Tea will be made as well
  7. Colin

    When pizzeria is open, YES it will be, no doubt about it.

    For you always colin, i like loyal customers...

    BUT that is still far away maybe in March we can start to build Pizzeria,,hopefully,,that unit is still occupied...
  8. Thanks for sharing the pics Sandy, given me some inspiration to get over to the east.


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