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  1. OK, I'm probably the only dimwit in the forum who is not aware of this, but some talented soul is developing a catalogue of Captain Slash's incredibly complete and detailed ride reports. This is THE definitive reference on bike rides in Thailand, and it is very well organized.

    I stumbled across it in another thread, and had not noticed it in my usual hangouts, but if you haven't found this yet, check it out:

  2. Nope, you're not alone - I'm a member of the same club... :p

    Thanks for pointing out this incredibly useful resource. I have always admired Capt. Slash for his numerous detailed trip reports, but I never knew a compilation existed!
  3. Lads

    all credit and dedications to ALLY,,, :D
  4. Colin that is not entirely do the ass killing job and Ally do copy and paste(sorry ally i just had so say that,,you should see my smirk right now) :twisted: :wink:

    but together you make great team,, now i know to whom contact when my round the world tour is about to start,,been doing planing now 2yrs already with my LT
  5. Thank you guys , now you have me seriously embarrassed :oops:

    What I have done, is to me, very simple as I have the experience with other stuff I have done.

    I am so happy to make a few folks happy but more over, enable the info that Colin collects to remain visible and available for use by interested riders, rather than just dropping out of immediate sight of the latest posts on this GTR forum. This in fact was the second reason I suggested it to Colin in the first place.

    The main reason I suggested a site, was because I appreciate the effort, tenacity and variety of his work and believe the biking community, many I feel already do, should recognise the importance of Colin's work and how every year he comes to Thailand and dedicates his entire life to finding new roads, interesting observations and places to visit and all documented in an ordered fashion that many of us aspire to follow.

    The commitment required to do what he does is special. After all, who else does what he does in the way he does. That is the real purpose and reason for the site.

    As I said in another thread, if anyone needs help to understand what is involved in setting up their own site like this, I would be more than happy to assist.

  6. Now i know where to find you Ally when time is right..but that dosn't mean that you need to be stand-by the phone,, :wink:
    thse things take time
  7. Well done & thank you Ally for bringing some order & coherence to the Cap'n's courageous voyages!
    A terrific resource for the lesser known pieces of Thai tarmac and scenic beauty.
    Congratulations to you both on your tremendous efforts.

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