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  1. Just so everybody knows how the road has improved a mate rode his Fat Boy from Snooky to Korat via Koh Kong in one day. 2 of the bridges are well underway,Sre Ambel end and Koh Kong end. One has been started in the middle and one very little work. It will be a few more years before they are all built. The road surface overall is very good, some already tarred and most with a base ready to seal, although there are road works and some of the cuttings would be slippery when wet. Maybe it is time to buy a Harley or AT , this road used to be almot impassable for most of the year not that long ago.
  2. excellent info.
    will be there next week.... keep u guys updated.
  3. Forgot about the ferry tolls. They always ask for a dollar, the local rate is 2,000 (50 cents), have 2000 ready and they usually take it. The 2 ferries at the Sre Ambel end usually won't. Petrol at every ferry but it is only about 150kms total so not worth the risk of bad fuel.
  4. with 2 bridges underway, there are still 4 rivers to cross?
    any interesting stories to share at the koh kong/hatlek border? ;P
  5. Yes 4 ferry crossings.
    The road goes direct to the bridge at Koh Kong. If you left Thailand via some other point and come into Thailand at Hat Lek , you go to customs first give you temp export paper and sign their book, go to counter 3 fill in entry form, go to 2 get the lady to fill in the passenger forms and get stampped in, go to 4 to get theses forms processed, ride off. There is a Thai Immigration guy telling you where to go usually.Cambo side just ignore customs.

    The only interesting stories are in the back roads of Koh Kong town.(red lights), no not traffic lights.


    I am just back from a return trip from Kampot to Chantaburi and this is the good opportunity to provide some up date, as the Kho Kong road has been the topic of the recent days.
    click on the site above!
    I left Kampot Dec, 19 at 12.50 PM on my Djebel 250. It took me 1 hour to reach the left turn on National # 4 to take the road to Sre Ambel. I was very lucky that I didn't have to wait at each of the 4 ferries! The road conditions have much improved since last year. I will say that over 50% is completed with a thin asphalt layer, over a 25% is made of good compact soil and less than 20% is still under construction, especially between 3rd and 4th river (going from Sre Ambel to Kho Kong). Bridges are under construction on the four rivers. Looking at the pictures, we can assume that 1st and 4th bridge should be opened before end of 2007. On the 4th ferry, someone told that the border is opened until 8.00 PM, so I decided to continue up to Trad. I arrived at the border at 4.40 PM, this means less than 4 hours from Kampot. On the return trip on Dec. 21, it took me 7 hours for the same distance because of waiting time at each ferry and a flat tire after the 2nd ferry. On the Khmer side, custom didn't want to make any paper. At Thai custom, paper work was easy and completed in less than 30 minutes when entering Thailand and 5 minutes on the way back.
    It takes only 45 min. to reach Chantaburi from Trad, a city much bigger than Trad. Everything can be found in Chantaburi, where I went to buy vaccine for my many dogs. There is also a LOTUS and MAKRO there. So, this is an easy option for shopping for people leaving in Cambodia.
    Philippe de Kampot [8D]
  8. I taken the road KK->Snooky, via mini-van, years ago. Your pictures show it has improved _tremendously_!! I usually take the ferry.

    I'll be biking the road, for the first time - with my first bike, in Mid- January. It looks to be an incredibly easy ride..especially compared to the roads' condition years ago!.

    Thx for the road pictures...loved the picture of your the air for repair. ;-)
  9. Hi Philippe! Thanks for info! Will be riding the track mid-end january as well on pushbike. Maybe see you CDRW!
  10. Well, you'd likely find me at the Oasis Hotel, on Ekkareach, in Snooky. Aussie owned, secure parking for bikes and some of their rooms are the largest in Cambo (500sqFt!)
  11. I am just back from Cambodia! Had a nice ride from Snooky to Klaeng.

    - Road to 1st river crossing is made of hard compact soil/gravel.
    - 1st river crossing is on a platform connected by 2 small boats.
    - Road from 1st river to 2nd river has nice compact soil/gravel too.
    - 2nd river crossing is on a platform connected by 2 small boats.
    - Road from 2nd river to 3rd river is fun if you are on a dirt bike. Lots of road works along the way, with loose soil/mud along the way. Dusty red sand everywhere as well.
    - 3rd river crossing is on a big boat, where bikes cross with cars/trucks.
    - Road from 3rd to 4th river is a little challenging, with up/down slopes on loose soil/gravels. Can see that road works are on the way, and should complete by end of the year.
    - 4th river crossing is also on a big boat, where bikes cross with cars/trucks.

    Took me 4hrs to get from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong as the ride is pretty smooth and on certain stretches, I can easily cruise at 80-90km/h on my dirt bike. After crossing the main bridge from Koh Kong to Khlong Yai border, there is a toll plaza and bikes need to pay 1200 Riels. I cleared the customs shortly and rode to Trat, Chantaburi, and then stayed over at Klaeng.

    Stayed at the Klaeng Palace Hotel, located near the junction of Route 3 and Route 344. Next to the hotel, there is a eating house. I had the best Thai fried rice and Tom Yum Kung ever.... Simply too delicious to describe how it tasted like!

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