snorkel / airbox change on KLX 250


Sep 20, 2010

I got a klx 250 and so fare engin-wise just changed the exaust for the tsukigi (thai) one. I use this bike 90% for off-road, so since I'm not a big mechanic when get info on forums and came up with this:
For off-road I should change the snorkel for a bigger one, de-restrict to compensate the fact that I'll drive in higher ranges and I don't want to be limited to 7500-8000rpm, and maybe go for a 13 teeth front sproket.

So today I went to the kawa shop asking about the snorkel, and the guy there (don't know his name, he must be the head mechanic and speaks decent english), told me to feel a difference I have to change the airbox (edit: it is the airbox, not the airfilter) as well which is about 2'000baht.

What is your opinion? Is there anything else I should do to have a decent off-road bike.

Thanks, Maxime

btw, bought a klx 125 for my girlfriend today, and they offered me a "luggage rack" for free with the bike, though those things were meant to be expensive.