Soa....the Great Northern Loop~day 13-18

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    Day 13. Return to Chiang Mai
    It's Sunday March 20th, just boarding the 12.30 flight to Chiang Mai, after killing 6 hours in KL.
    Great to see the haze of smoke as the plane comes in to land. Thru immigration to see these mugs at the arrivals gate....certainly put a smile on the dial.


    The boys fill me in on what they had been up to in the songthaew back to the hotel. Waterfalls out on the Samoeng Loop, pop off a few shots from a
    Glock Pistol at a gun range, Doi Inthanon or as they said 'The Highest Mountain in Thailand' ....shit stirrers.


    Time for a few long beers and dinner.


    Day 14. The MHS Loop....Mae Sariang
    Dennis, Glenn and myself did this run last year, it was the best ride I had ever been on. We have talked about it to so many times to people at home and this is what influenced Brett and Peter to come along this year. We knew the roads ahead would not disappoint them.
    I pick up my bike from Tonys where it got some great repairs while I was chain, new rear tyre, fresh oil and clutch. The guys did a great job, she was
    like new and shiny clean.
    Out of Chiang Mai on Hwy 108 stopping once for an iced coffee and a smoko. You guys know this road well I am sure. We all took goes at taking the lead, all pushing each other a bit faster....I am pretty sure the speed limit out there is not 130. With just a toilet stop at Ob Luang we pull up in Mae Sariang three hours later.
    A quick look at the map to find The Riverside Hotel for the night. Another crew of bikers on big Harleys rocks up just before us and tee up the balcony rooms...bugger.
    At 700b a room we get the doubles to cut costs. Soon its out the back where The Sons of Arthritis meet The Black Sheep for a quick nod and wait for 5 o'clock
    to get a beer. Dinner in town and pool and vodkas down from our hotel to finish the night.






    Thailand-335. Thailand-338.

    Day 15. To Mae Hong Son
    The morning wakes to the rumble of the Harleys. Out in the carpark are a few extra bikes from Tonys an we briefly catch the two German riders as we
    leave for MHS. We cruise around Mae Sariang like we know where we are and pull up back on the 108 and open up the throttle. The guys are not big
    on sightseeing and we are in MHS in about three hours, pulling up at Crossroads for another visit and add the sticker to the bars mirror.



    The other guys go looking for accommodation while I nurse my beer and are back soon with a booking at Piya at the lake. It has a pool so that decided it, we are
    swimming almost straight away. The two Germans from earlier are staying here as is Mike, an English guy. Funny thing about this area is the 5 o'clock lockout....
    no alcohol sales at 7/11 and The Sunflower, just down from Piya didn't open till 5pm....we kept an eye on the time.






    Dinner at The Sunflower and information from the owners and other travellers gave us ideas for the next day. Some cool live music to listen too as we finish
    up the meal. A walk up to the market street to get our 1868 Curves TeeShirts and keyrings then 7/11 and several 4 packs of Smirnoff were we see out
    the night at Piya's front garden and meet a few other guests.

    Day 16. To Pai

    This is the section of road we are looking forward to. Last years run was a practice, this was gunna be full tilt. Pete and Brett are keen riders, it's not long
    and they are gone. We take the guys to Fish Cave for a look and then start the run up and down all those twists. A great piece of road we eventually pull up
    at Viewpoint One where both Brett and Pete are awestruck with just how good this road is....wait we said, there's more to come. At Viewpoint Two, the story
    continues over a fruit smoothy, seems there was a few close calls and a couple of lockups.







    We start on the downhill run and eventually make Pai and settle in at Baan Suan Rim Pai for 600b a room.The 5 o'clock booze free time is also in Pai, so we
    get some eats while we wait. Out on Soi 3 we run into one of the Black Sheep on crutches, poor bugger had a spill, smashed up his Harley and seriously damaged
    his leg, good luck bud. Our two German friends turn up at the guesthouse as well as was one of Tonys mechanics with a replacement bike for one of them.
    Good service from Tonys to do this. I give them some ride info for Chiang Rai to Mae Sai and Chiang Khong to Phu Chi Fah, they seemed fairly keen to do the run.
    The rollerdoors open at Almost time, followed by another great meal at Na's Kitchen.
    Later that night we meet up with Mike the Englishman and friend Fleur, he remembers our crooked finger and we laugh off the night....


    Day 17. Still in Pai
    Dennis is heading to Krabi, so he and Mike head off for Chiang Mai that morning. We go for a spin and spot Fleur on her way to the swimming pool.
    At least they sell alcohol and food at Fluid Pool, the Smirnoffs are back, we spend a while there and finish off the night at Almost Famous.

    Day 18. Pai to Chiang Mai
    The bikes go back to Tonys today, so midday sees us on Hwy 1095 on the road back connecting with the 107 back into Chiang Mai. What another great
    piece of road is the 1095, fantastic sweepers and one gets lost this time as we pull up back at Top North.
    This trip has been talked about ever since returning home and hopefully gives influence to our other riding mates for another tour next year.
    I am sure you will hear about it.
    Now to start the video. Hope to post some links when completed. Here's a taste.....maybe


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    Nice vdo clip. You weren't messing around powering on up out of the valley.
    I bet it feels real good doing that - without any traffic cops to worry about like downunder.
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    Great vid. Must be one of the best biking loops in the world in a great country.
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