Soa....the Great Northern Loop~day 2-3

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    Day 2. Phayao to Nan
    Hanging out for egg and bacon bagette (wrong country), so the day starts with noodle soup and fried rice. A ride down to Wat Si Khom Kham to get the boys some culture and sweat out some of the night before in the Heaven and Hell Garden. There is a statue there of how I felt at that moment.



    Thailand-57. Thailand-66.


    Back to Win Hotel and pack the gear for the run to Nan. A short distance down Hwy 1 we turn left onto Hwy 1021 and travel about 10 kms to turn for Hwy 1251. The pace picks up here thanks to great road surface and conditions we soon connect up with Hwy 1091 and pull up for fuel and an iced coffee at Sabai Dee, then continue on passing thru Ban Luang.


    A great stretch of road with some great bends, climbs and fantastic views. After about 2.45 hours we reach Nan and put in the emergency call to the Brother-in-law Rod (he teaches in Thailand). Our escort arrives and the Chang's are ordered at Nan Steakhouse in Mano Road where we meet up with Ingamar again. Several longnecks down we arrange accommodation at Chaiphasuk Hotel near the hospital for 500b, grab a few Smirnoffs from 7/11 and return for another great dinner to the Steakhouse.



    Day 3, Tour out to Mai Charim
    Thai bacon is not the best thing on the menu, however breakfast is made and its into town to see Honda to fix my bike. The rubber chain guide has worn thru and getting a part will take days. So using Thai smarts, the mechanic takes one off a new bike they had to fit to mine. 400b later, no more chain rattle on the swingarm. Rod is with us and becomes our guide to tour out on the 1168 to Mai Charim, again great roads with fantastic views and sweeps, we eventually get lost as the road turns to dirt somewhere out near the Thai/Laos Border School.
    Border School map.
    6 hours later we return to Nan, a little worse for wear, covered in road dust and ready to kill for a beer. Hello again Ingamar and Mr Chang. Another friend Karl, a local teacher too, joins us for the marinated Pork Ribs that Ingamars wife had prepared for us.
    Later that night we sit at our hotel and plan for the run to Na Haeo over quite a few Vodkas.



    Out on the 1168

    to be continued
  2. The Sabai Dee
    That's a new place for me
    Where is it - in what town?

    If you can put it in here
    Restaurants - North Thailand
    Would be cool
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    Hi David, I beileve it is Chiang Muan, it was next to a petrol station. All the timber buildings along the right hand side, the coffee shop was down the back.

    Screenshot 2016-05-09 21.27.22.


    This intersection is just up from Sabai Dee Coffee.....their was also a little shop for cold drink run by a lovely old couple....and I mean old. There is a market across the road as well

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