SOLD: BMW F800GS One owner new Sept 2010. Excellent cared for bike

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  1. 279504=10836-P5310092.
    Bought Barcelona Chiang Mai in Mid Sept 2010, Current km 27,800. All on road. I enjoy smooth riding and this bike has been treated lovingly and gently. Never dropped, raced, scratched, scraped, etc. Maintained initially by Barcelona, but after some lack of confidence with that, last 20,000Km service done by external professional, including valve clearance check, air filter change and all other service elements. Oil changed every 5000km, filter every 10,000km.

    The bike is in Chiang Mai and viewing welcome.
    I have a number of accessories and spares, but after all the comments seen on previous sales postings about accessories not adding to a bikes value, I am listing the bike and will sell the accessories separately at my leisure. Of course I would be happy to discuss these with the prospective buyer.

    This includes the SW Motec AluRack which allows quick release fixing of boxes and other luggage accessories. This is on these photos taken today, but I will remove before sale, as it should go with the accessory plates and box. The bike is therefore in stock condition, and still looks close to showroom condition. This model of course includes the computer, led indicators, ABS, which are not standard in all countries, but Barcelona choose to import only this version, rather than the base model.
    Price new is 785,000 Baht, bike still under warranty until Mid Sept 2012, with BMW roadside assistance till the same date.

    I offer for sale at 619,000 Baht.

    Accessories that I do have are, Aluminium Chain Guard, Wunderlich Tank bag, made for the F800GS, AluRack with quick release fasteners, Givi V46 Monokey heavy duty Italian made Top Box, Large luggage mounting plate, Bags connection Rackpack rear bag. I will take photo's of these and post separately for sale
    For further information please ring John Gooding on 0818825122, or use private message or email from this site.
  2. Lovely looking bike John. Best of luck with the sale.

    We all know how well you take care of bikes and we all know how you like to switch around owning different bikes;

    So what's next? Is this the longest you've owned a single bike?
  3. Thanks Peter, seems to be that most of my bikes get changed in less than 2 years. Just picked up a second hand CBR250R,( please do not tell Tony BKK). I bought it as a runaround, but have been surprised how much fun it is and suitable for much of the riding I am now doing. Trying to conserve the pennies until my UK Pension comes along next year, so will not be buying anything too pricey just now. However the FZ8, when it arrives sometime in July, is looking likely. Yamaha have made a big cut in Thai prices and this one comes in at 480,000 Baht, a lot cheaper that the Triumph Street Triple is here, which is another bike I fancied. In the UK the Triple is cheaper than the FZ8, hence to me the Yamaha seems to be better value here. Maybe as an FZ owner, you might also fancy one?
  4. Anyone in the market for an F800 would be a fool not to give this bike careful consideration.
    Properly broken in and fastidiously serviced, this is probably the best F800 available for the money in LoS.
    Certainly better than available from Barcelona. You won't need it I'm sure but good luck with the sale.

    Like Dougal was intrigued by what you are rinding on now John.
    Surprised that a CBR250R cuts the mustard after your 12GS, S1000RR and the F800.
  5. Rhodie's comments much appreciated and he is correct, the CBR250 is going to be backed up by the PCX, the BMW F650 GS and next month the Yamaha FZ8. None of those are as capable on the rougher and unsurfaced roads as the 650 or the 800 GS's, but to be honest I am a Tarmac guy and do not feel the need to be jumping muddy ditches, or fallen trees, so I think the Yamaha will satisfy the occasional need for speed as well as the more frequent steady paced tours. Certainly for the next couple of years, after that with the increasing availability of larger bike brands in Thailand, who knows?
  6. Bike now agreed sold, pending payment and delivery.
    Thanks to all who viewed and contributed.
  7. Not at all surprised.
    Was the best on the block in my time on the roads in & around Thailand.
    Lucky rider whoever has been so fortunate as to secure it.

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