Sold - CBR 250R ABS Aug 2011. Excellent condition with extras 85,000 Baht

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  1. P1000108.
    Now holding deposit, so bike is sold pending payment completion and collection
    CBR250R AB(TH). New 22.08.2011. 130,935Baht 21xxxkm. Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, the bike is 19 months old, taxed and insured until August 2013. Honda warranty until August 2014, or 30,000km. All servicing done by dealer at the proper intervals.
    Since I have owned the bike I have spent 16,000 Baht on the following:
    New Pirelli Sport Demon Tyres
    New Chain, sprockets are fine.
    New rear brake pads. Front pads available, I can fit before sale if required, but still meat on existing ones. Standard Honda ABS fitted, and effective.
    Smart HOME aftermarket exhaust. Saves a lot of weight and looks and sounds good, matched up to fitted Lifetime BMC Air filter.
    Strong smart Chrome Plated rear rack. I can supply and fit 35L top box if required.
    The bike is a very reliable, economical fun bike especially through the traffic and the twisty stuff.
    It has never missed a beat in my time owning it and had one careful Farang owner previously. He used it for touring North Thailand and then decided he wanted to sell it and his Lifan and buy a Honda CRF 250 to allow more off road travel.
    I am reluctantly selling to allow me to replace with 2 Automatics, to suit current domestic circumstances. I have already found one, a Yamaha Nouvo SX and may be interested in a part exchange for something like a Click or a Mio.
    Photos taken today after a wash, but not yet detailed, which I will do shortly.
    Ring John on 0818825122 for further details or viewing.
    Price 85,000 Baht
  2. John, nice bike in perfect condition, should not be too hard to sell ! What's your next one I wonder ? Maybe a CBR500 ? Good luck with the sale. Rgds, FR
  3. Thanks for your comments Franz, actually I am replacing this one with a runabout for me, an as new Yamaha Nouvo SX, (have you got one of those or something similar) and another scooter for use to and from the new Salon Tukta has opened. Rgds, JG
  4. Bike is SOLD. Deposit recieved, Completion at the end of the month. Thanks to all those who checked out the listing.
  5. John, that was a quick one !! Congrats on that; also trying to sell the FZ8 ? What will you ride then, only the scoot ?
    My scooter is the Pre-FI Nouvo135LC Elegance, my best scooter ever, is right now my most used bike as soooo easy to ride; it may use a little more petrol than the SX but also is very powerful and perfectly comfortable for longer runs, the big wheels (for a scooter) also make a difference for that one.
    Was already considering the new SX with FI but no, the 135 has just this little more umphf for my 'luxury body'. BTW now she gets even quicker as I managed to lower my weight already by 20 kgs since last year (06/12: 108, now 88kgs and more to follow.......................)
    What salon does Tukta do ? Hair & Styling ? Rgds, Franz
  6. Hi Franz, Yes thanks for that, it was a quick sale, but still money around to buy the less expensive bikes when in good condition. I agree the original Elegance had a bit more oomph, I had one in KK, but I will be using this one 95% for my trips to town and it will do a good job for that.
    This is the SX, before I cleaned it up and took off the ugly box. Condition really is as new, so I am very pleased with the purchase.
    Tukta is a nail technician by training, thats the sort on your hands, not the ones on the wall. So the salon is for hair, face and nails and as it is at the entrance of a new apartment block, also sells some snacks and drinks etc.
    As for the FZ8, got a bit of thinking to do there, I am certainly not seeing my biking the same way I was when I was living in KK and enjoying a lot of solo and some group, fast long distance trips. The British government continues to let me down and I have lost another 11% income this year, a continuous trend which you will remember really kicked off when we were in Kanchanaburi and the pound dropped dramatically to 55 baht. Would that it would be so low again!! So I am being a bit careful as some 'friends' tell me there is room for the pound to drop still further before it stabilises. I am lucky, I will never be poor over here, but it pays to take pessimistic view for the longer term.
    So I do ask myself why I am sitting on 105Hp and top speeds way over 200mph, when I am nearly always cruising around in top gear at about 1/3rd of the rev range, burning excess fuel and getting hot. So if an opportunity comes along, I may sell the FZ8 and buy a Honda 500F, shock horror. Of course if the UK lifts up its head and things get better, the urge to have those 100 plus Hp may arrive again, who knows. Just a case of readjusting myself to run with the Thai tides, rather than swimming against all the trends.
  7. John, a real nice scooter and I think this was a very good deal, what you paid for it and with how many kms ?
    Well, wish Tukta good luck with her new venture !! You are right re the currencies, but it's not only the Pound, also the Euro could do better, mainly the THB is too strong for everyone's taste.
    I also like the naked Honda CB500 and the ER6N even more; when everyone else seems to be in love with the CB500X, Versys, seems to me more like the SUV mania when people need to drive one but NEVER use their abilities.....Cheers, Franz
  8. Spot on, smaller is definitely better for the bulk of riding we do in North Thai & Laos.
    You don't need high speed, you need a bit of power coming out of corners around 50-80kph for a lot of stuff here & on a small bike at that speed they are more fun to ride at lower speed that lugging your big bike through the endless winding corners. Honestly the guys on smaller bikes have more fun riding than the guys on high powered bikes.
  9. John with the GBP at a little over 45 you should be grateful, the Aussie Peso only gives us currently 29-30 THB.
  10. Not grateful, just realistic. In 2008 May, just checked SCB oldest records, the Aussie dollar was 29.8, same as today, the GBP was 62.1, so the pound has dropped considerably compared to the apparent stability of the dollar. I have been over here 6 years now and am realistic about the future of the UK economy, not ever expecting any return to the golden days of 74 Baht to the GBP, as when I first came, but also hoping it does stabilise in the 40,s and not continue to drop. Fortunately in this country there is always the possibility of a good life without some of the luxury items, such as over 1 million Baht bikes.
  11. That's for sure John, I live there too but am in OZ at the moment. Geez it's expensive here, rents,food,beer, and just about everything else is out of control. I only hope prices don't start ratcheting up in Chiangmai as quickly as they have here.

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