Solo Female Traveller on Motorbike?

Jun 26, 2006

I just discovered this forum and hope you can all be of assistance.

I was just in Thailand in Feb. of this year and I will be back in Thailand for a month in November. I am considering renting a bike in Chiang Mai for a week or so, traveling to Mae Hong Son, Pai, and who knows where else.

I rode dirt bikes a lot as a teenager and had a moped while in my late 20's so I am quite comfortable on a motorbike.

I felt very safe in Thailand in Feb. with my boyfriend by my side and I would feel safe alone. I read through all the great info on gt-rider and now I am very excited about the possibility of spending some time on a motorbike while in Thailand.

I know I will need to pack lite, wear sturdy clothing, not ride at night, etc.

I would also like to hear about the most reputable bike rental places as I don't want to break down and have the bike shop leave me stranded.

What other things should I be concerned about while traveling solo on a motorbike? Or should I not worry about it and just DO IT! [8D]

Advise is greatly appreciated, especially if there are any other female solo bikers that have done this type of thing.




Jun 24, 2006
Hi Tamara,

we think, Thailand is one of the safest countries!!
If you want to have some more motivation look at Lindas homepage:

Maybe good to know, this lady is "just" 60 years old and travelling from Spain to Australia alone on her own bike (Suzuki DR 650)!!

We are travelling around the world and met Linda in Nepal and Thailand and probably see her on tha e way south.

Best wishes
Ralf & Eva
around the world on 2 motorbikes
Jun 26, 2006
Thanks! Great info on that thread you posted! I have found oodles of info on the web about motorcycle riding in N. Thailand. What a way to go!

Apr 10, 2006
Sorry to say this Tamara but I think you should take a long hard think about traveling alone in Thailand if your a young female and especially if your atractive, I asked my Thai GF who was at university in Chiang Mai if she thought it a good idea and her firm reply was no.

Thailand may be known as the land of smiles but behind those smiles can sometimes lurk some very nasty people.

I sometimes feel very wary when I'm riding with my GF on the bike with me and some Thai guys come alongside on a bike or in a car and seem a bit too interested in us, that is why I tend to rent a fast bike so I can leave them behind.
Feb 2, 2006
good on you for wanting to bike the roads of Thailand alone. However, if you are looking for company Dr. Greg Frazier has proven to be a willing companion, see his book Sexpedition for further enlightenment, and his riding skills are not half bad either.
While I am sure you will hear many pro's and con's to touring alone, for some people there is no choice. So what do you do? Not see the world, because others feel it is too dangerous. Since the beginning of time travel has and always will be dangerous, even for the most experienced rider/traveller. Just read Robert Heikel's How to Crash in Thailand report.
I suggest that you go straight to Chiang Mai, buy David aka Fearless Leader all the whisky sodas he can drink and get some sound advice from him and then go out and have a great time.
all the best,

Robert Davis
Travel Writer
Mar 15, 2003

Today I was out doing the Samoeng Loop (Chiang Mai) on my bike and ran across two Thai girls stopped at an outlook doing the same thing on their Honda Dream (110cc). Your post came to mind. There is almost nowhere that you are likely to ride that someone will not be doing it too. I laugh many times at the big deal we make out of some of our trips when it is just business as usual for the locals, guys and girls.

We have had many ladies come through Chiang Mai who are traveling alone and I have not heard anyone complain of problems due to their sex. If you contact any of us when you are in Chiang Mai we would be happy to help you out if we can and also give you contact numbers in case of an emergency. Come and enjoy yourself.

Dave Early

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Jan 22, 2005
We second ALL of David's comments. Come and enjoy - it really is very simple and very easy here!

David and Mai
Chiang Khong