Solo ride Singapore to Laos (part 3)


Feb 7, 2003
Hi there, the final part cover the part from Chiang Khan back to SIngapore.

Day 16, Chiang Khan>Pitsanulok, distance covered 310.7km
While taking my breakfast in the guesthouse, saw an old foreign couple with all white hairs on two bicycles. These are round the world bicycles. And I over take them later in the morning. Really admire peoples of such ages doing such rides.
As I have taken the route to Loei before, so for this trip, I decide to take some side route by pass Loei.
So instead of taking route 201 southward towards Loei, I take route 2195 westward.
The plan is to go to Ban Tha Li and take route 2399 to hit route 203.
As there are not much road sign at those small roads, I need to asked around and take a few u-turn to get to Ban Tha Li. While wondering around the small roads, was block at one of the small road due to a tent was setup at the middle of the road due to a wedding party. Was initially offered a beer, but I request for plain water instead as I don’t take beer.
Route 2115 goes through small hills and paddy field. When it hit the junction with route 2399, turn into route 2399 southwards. Route 2399 has just been resurfaced, and the surrounding scenery is nice.
When route 2399 hit route 203, take a right turn towards Phu Ruea. From route 203 to route 2013 the entire way was resurfaced road winging through the mountain. Another good stretch of pleasant riding
When route 2013 meet with route 12, turn right to route 12 and directly go to Phitsanulok.
It was a busy place and it was my first visit to this city.
Saw one fleet of traffic police motorcycles parking outside a hotel, but do not see any policemen around. The nos 1 of the fleet, surprisingly was the new BMW1150 RT.

Stay in Petchpailyn hotel. Pay 450 baht for a room with air con and hot shower.

While walking around the place during evening time, found there are many activities along the Nan River. There is a stage and a huge crowd was doing aerobics.
Saw the restaurant that have flying vegetables, which was feature in one of the TV show that I have watched sometimes back in Singapore.
Have a session of foot massage by the road side stall by the river.
As I am not feeling well, so it was an early night.

Day 17, Pitsanulok>Kanchanaburi, distance covered 390km
The road today was nothing eventless. The only interesting is that my bike meter reaches 00000km. My bike has covered 100,000km. I even stopped to take pics of the meter when it reaches 00000.

From Pitsanulok, I took route 117 to Nakhon Sawan, then route 1 to Chainat, then route 340 to Suphan Buri, turn right to route 321, and following straight to route 324 to proceed directly to Kanchanaburi.
Stay in the city area at Prasopsuk hotel opposite River Kwai Hotel at the room rate of 300 baht.

Walk around the place and even walk all the way to River Kwai Railway Bridge.

Day 18, Kanchanaburi
Initially plan to ride to three Pagodas Pass, but really sick. So take some medicine and take lots of water, and only ride around the city, and visit the Jeath War Museum.

Day 19, Kanchanaburi >Ao Ban Krook (Ban Krut Beach), distance covered 388km
As I have accidentally discovered Prachuap Khiri Khan during last year’s ride, so this time decided to explore some other beach area along the costal area.
Have read from Lonely Planet guide book about the beach called Hat Ban Krut, which the local used to visit during weekend. So this place will be the destination for today.
It was around 40km south of Prachuap Khiri Khan. There was no prominent sign at the main road. There was only one small sign writing Ao Ban Krood.
It was a small road leading to the beach which is a few kms away from the main highway, with a few turns which is clearly indicated.
Coconut trees lined up on the side of the beach road which separates the resorts from the beach.

There are many resorts laying on the stretch of the beach area, all scattered with coconut plantation between the resort. In fact, I spend quite some times riding up and down before deciding which resort to stay.
Check into Tharnwara Beach Resort. Room rate is 500baht per night.

As there is only one couple staying in the resort before I check in. So the place was very quite.
Spend the evening on a beach chair at the quite beach, enjoying the sea breeze and my favourite songs and music from my MP3.

As there are no much guests in the report, total of 3 only, so the restaurant was closed. I have to ride to another resort to have my dinner.

Day 20, Ao Ban Krook (Ban Krut Beach)>Hatyai , distance covered 622.6km
On the way out to the main road, was stopped by a middle aged foreign couple. The husband asked whether I have been to Laos, as he saw me with the bike in Laos. Isn’t it a small world? As they have just visited Laos and fly to this place to continue their holiday. So stopped and chat with them for a few minutes.


So it was a boring ride back to Hatyai. Check into Daichi hotel to spend my last night in Thailand. And the next day will be directly backed to Singapore, to mark the end of my trip.
Total days taken for the trip are 21 days covering the total distance of 7230km.

More photos can be view at:

End of report.