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  1. 10 am meeting at our head quarters, the gas station opp. Safari World entrance. From there we drove towards Doi Khamm and took the shortcut to the Samoeng road.

    At the mine we traveled to the left and took a right shortly after for some more off road staff.

    The first fall today was done by George and added to the excitement of our ride. If this happens one always can be happy not to roll all the way down the hill. Default_0045.


    Still laughing at this hilarious scenario I was next to experience a nice fall.


    While I tried to make it over a tree log on this very narrow path, I managed to make an unwanted wheelie, the next moment I was lying there 5 meters away from my bike and lucky again not to roll all the way down.


    I didn't fall off the bike for awhile and it was a good reminder to remember how to stay on the bike under any circumstances.

    After a very nice down hill passage with lots of sliding on the fallen bamboo leaves, we finally hit some river crossings followed by some Lamiyai and Papaya Gardens.


    But I wasn't done for today, I still had to experience more water, so at some good location I decided to make a head stand on my XR and roll over the handle bar to take a short bath in the pretty cold river. Off-course everything planned as you can imagine. I'm always astonished how much the XR can take. It never let me down – so far. The first push on the start button and the little scrambler was ready to go again.





    After all that dirt and water I needed some lunch and we stopped over at the restaurant in Obkahn National Park.

    After lunch we searched for some more connections and found a moto cross track. We tried the track, but the XR's weren't made for it and my weight didn't solve my gravity problem at all.

    After awhile and not being able to make out some new tracks we decided to turn around and hit back to Chiang Mai.
  2. Well done you & George.

    Sounds like you 2 had great fun again.

    As always - inspired by all your rides !

  3. Thanks Ally,

    yeah it was a nice ride and here's some more!








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