Some people are Idiots

Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by redbull666, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Can’t help myself any longer

    Before I continue, over the years I have found the internet disappointing, it seems like you cannot post anything, without some idiot, making nasty comments for no reason
    Well I now have a reason

    Its great that people on here are nice and offer advice, however when they start offering themselves up as competent tour guide, when clearly they are not up to the task that’s just dam Nasty.

    I am sick of this guy popping up all over the internet, at first I thought he was a nice guy offering information for free; however it’s just a scamming way of offering his services as a tour guide.
    Basically he is hijacking some threads or adding pointless posts on about 15 different forums, just so he can get out the fact that he is a tour guide available for hire.
    I did notice that on here he has a few points of wisdom, but really at his age, you would think he would be able to organize a piss up in a brewery, which apparently he cannot.
    I did a bit of digging around, sent out a few emails, and found out he was sacked because he was useless
    Lost all his cash in Thailand a few years ago
    No friends to visit him when in a situation.
    Basically a walking disaster story. Cant run a tour (there is more than one horror story) can’t ride around obstacles, can’t hold down a job.

    Now everybody has bad luck now and then, made a few in my life also, but if you know you’re useless, why would you offer your services to others and ruin their chance of a good time.

    He should, get his act together (everybody should get another chance), put up a website offering his services (cost $100 including domain name) or just offer advice and nothing else
    In fact with all the advertising he dose on this site, im surprised David has not asked him for cash

    On the other 15, where his name pops up, its basically, hey I live in Cambodia, great riding here, free advice,
    Oh and I am also a tour guide .with a list of ten options / services.
    I would say that’s spam, pointless posts, just to advertise his so called services.

    Oh, and the reason for the post

    My friend wasted Time and dollars (not that other tour in the posts)
    He criticised one of the best guys in Asia on a forum
    He has said bad things about me to others, just to make himself look good
    Hopefully, he will either get his act together and make a website, so he is accountable for his actions and services.
    Hopefully he will stop disappointing other unsuspecting riders.
    Or he just starts offering advice only.

    No names please, just post thumbs up if you agree

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