Some pics from Chiang Rai in Rainy Season

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  1. A few photos from around Chiang Rai in September / October

    An old building has been restored on a big piece of land, on the river road in Chiang Saen.


    It is the Old Tobacco Registry Office.

    A lot of tobacco used to be grown alongside the Khong River between Chiang Saen and Sop Ruak. But more recently, I imagine due to imported cigarettes, more corn and other crops are grown instead and there are tobacco drying buildings around the area, that are now left to ruin.


    Not yet open to the public, so a return visit required sometime to see what will be put inside. The building is on 13 rai of land, probably used for tobacco storage.


    Another day, up in Doi Mae Salong, at the marvellous coffee shop "Sweet Mae Salong", turns out the owner has made a simple but pretty good map of the area.


    Most of us ride through Mae Salong on the 1234, without looking at the local roads. Actually, there seems like a lot to see on the smaller roads too. Being such a mountainous area, further out of town it's dirt roads.

    Lots of Akha villages in the area. Some splendid villages entrances.






    This temple is a little unusual and a very attractive design. It is set at the bottom of steep mountains on the northern side of the Lam Nam Kok NP close to the 1089, just west of Mae Chan.


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  2. Thanks for the update Ian

    I was wondering what this building was


    now I know & will take a look inside next time - if it is open.

    I also appreciate the photo of  that new temple,


    as I spotted it from afar, riding down R1089 a few weeks & thought it should be investigated in the future. So coming soon I hope. And its not far from Mountain View Kitchen


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  3. Nice pics and info Ian.

    Thanks for sharing.



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