Songkran day, the gt riders way

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  1. As Songkran neared this year and the chance of random rides is reduced to nothing I figured I might as well put a plan into action that has been simmering for a couple of years now (not to mention the feeling of guilt in not having posted anything of 3 Laos trips during the last year AND 19000km's riding on the Ducati since Xmas!). A suitable donor machine had basically been abandoned (very long story) at my place very many months ago and Big & tall had volunteered to ride pillion during the songkran madness so the basics requirements were met.
    First thing was to find some suitable attire for navigating the HMS Embarrassment, as big & tall had so cleverly named the bike. So off to Tesco Lotus where all the required attire and aquatic equipment was purchased.
    Several long days and nights prior to Songkran were spent planning, drinking beer and/or coffee while the paraphernalia was attached and the HMS? Embarrassment underwent a transformation
    April 13th and the launch day had finally arrived. Plan being to transport the undisguised C70 to happy feet’s abode to fit everything back on the bike, dress up and launch directly into Songkran. Headed out from home mid-morning and not 100 metres later had a totally flat rear tyre! Being Songkran, the numerous tyre repair shops you see everywhere were all closed as it seemed as I wobbled around Muang Mai market and Kam Tieng desperate to find a solution. No luck so decided to head to happy feets place anyway and sort it out there.
    I was greeted by 3 other gt riders who were on hand to help get the launch underway. Silverhawk came to the rescue after seeing the flat tyre by jumping on his bike and racing off in search of a new tube, which he found in a small shop down a small soi somewhere. Perfect, back on course again
    Until………… we were inflating the main “hull” the second of the three things went wrong (always in 3’s’ right?) In trying to position it in the right place it got hooked, and punctured on a bolt Damn! This time it was b&t that ventured out to the nearest 7-11 to grab a tube of super glue.
    Squeezed some glue through the hole and folded it over on itself and a few minutes later back in business. It still leaked but so slowly it didn’t matter. Fitted the rest of the aquatic accessories and then began the task of kitting ourselves up.
    Finally, ready for the road.
    Silverhawk would take a few pics as Happy feet filmed the occasion, then Silverhawk would jump on his bike and follow us around to get some action pics, Unfortunately the third thing went wrong at this stage and Silverhawk never found us due to no definite plan and the fact we ducked into a small soi to avoid being sunk at a huge water fight, and avoid a gang of screaming kratoys who had seen us comingso there are no more pictures to show.
    Saying that, we were stopped on numerous occasions by other people that took many pics, which we will never see of course. However there may be a very small chance we were on TV as upon escaping a severe drowning by bucketfuls of water we turned into what looked like an empty street. Moments later we were trapped between dozens of woman dressed in songkran outfits and a huge Songkran float in front. The several Thai policeman that were at every junction we passed didn’t look particularly impressed by the HMS Embarrassment gate crashing the festivities however in true Thai style they just smiled at us through gritted teeth and waved us on,
  2. mega kudos to your creativity....and to surviving Songkran in Chaing Mai.

    I did Songkran in CM about 8 years makes Pattaya's reputed chaotic Songkran seem like a tea party. In CM my experience that it was good clean fun (dunno if it still is..) whereas drunk Pattya farangs and some Thai's enjoy using dirty water, powder...and even a few reports of using dyes and bleach
  3. Once the motorcycle fired up, so did David! Like a man on a mission he almost ran me over as I tried to get some decent snaps, yelling "Wait for me!"

    As I wasn't about to sacrifice a camera to Songkran (again :evil: ), it took a few seconds to place it in plastic, retrieve my bike and give chase. Gone!!!

    I searched in vain, and suffered more soakings than I had intended, I gave up. The H.M.S. Embarrassment was on it's own.

    As for my overall impression of the event? Let's just say that for once I am left speechless.......... :oops: :oops:
  4. Looks like a good laugh :D

    I take it the Snail is as fast on a Honda 90 as on his Ducati :D
  5. Shyte, was that really the mild-mannered Snail GT Rider out there?
    I too am speechless, but it's 2.30 AM & maybe that has something to do with riding Happy Feet's CBR150 home from a certain Cnx entertainment street. Roll on tomorrow...
    What some guys will do for a happy new year.......never a dull moment with the GT Riders!
  6. Hahahaha, awesome!! Great job guys!
  7. Nice to see you guys having some fun at Songkran, rather than hiding away in your looms... Love your work...

    I spent Saturday blasting the heads of Katoeys as they tried to sneak into Nana Plaza for work, and Sunday Blasting anything that moved in Patpong... then came the adventure of trying to get from the hotel to a cab on Sunday to get to the airport, mid festivities...

    I went through 8 water cannons in 2 days, and have a big blister in my finger from the trigger...

  8. F**K

    Body of 40, mind of 10, that is what having fun in middle age is all about,, good job mates,, never see that kind of thing around here..

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  9. real joke bro..happy riding...great job... :p :p :D
  10. 10-4 Rubber Ducks!

    Inspired... awesome...
    beyond zany and definitely surreal...
    yellow rubber & plastic will never again achieve the benign household resonance it once held!

    Is there perhaps a latent urge for a yellow duckati - coming out of the closet...?
  11. Great job guys.

    That's so funny :lol:

  12. I........

  13. When they passed my guest house i was impressed with thier creativity, until i realized that i knew them, but i was happy that they have finally come out and they dont have to keep it behind closed doors any more. I told you the world would understand. He He!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yes, it took Jonadda several moments through blurry eyes(and possibly fuzzy mind!) to realise who it was. The look of amazement that appeared on his face when he finally clicked was worth the wait lol.
    The intention was to get some more action shots on the second and third days but mis-timings and alcohol on several peoples part, put an end to that so no more pics. Oh well, maybe next year......
  15. Hey guys lap it up, sounded like it was a hoot, an it was bath day out of turn, enjoy for me....Scott
  16. Maybe next year i can make my sidecar available for similar modifacations and more GT riders can come out of the closet
  17. I don't know what surprised me more -

    The "snail" actually creating a NEW post
    Me replying to a post
    The "snail's" NEW sensible "Thai-Style" mode of transport
    (Though it doesn't look like a Minsk?)
    Or the actual STORY!

    Was that the initiation to join the Muppets?

    And i'm still NOT dead!, just Extreeeeemly bored here.
  18. Well I must say. After spending a few Songkrans over here this was by far the best one ever. who'd of thought the innocent email invite of a fun songkran from David would bear fruit to this degree.

    What started a a simple and cheap idea soon transformed into more baht beung spent at Tesco/Lotus than lurid evening out at the V club.

    Thank goodness for Davids bike wielding skill to avoid us being gang raped by a bunch of katoeys who we must have been their wet dream come true. Not sure we were what the board of tourism for chiang mai had in mind when we entered their parade a few times but all I can say is that we were much better accepted than the old "safety zone" areas by the Thais.

    A special hats off to Happy feet allowing us to stage from his castle (and therefore tarnish his reputation) and Silverhawk for tube running assistance and pics.

    Can't wait for next year. Never thought I'd say that about Songkran.

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