Songkran Motorcycle Trip 2015

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  1. Songkran, or the Thai New Year is a pretty hectic and a deathly time of the year as you know, with hundreds killed in road accidents during the holiday break. The festivities involving water and powder throwing usually at scooter riders and car drivers, and heavily influenced by alcohol is a sure combination for disaster. However, I and my two biker colleagues didn’t let that get in the way of our mini adventure.

    After a ‘Line’ conversation tantrum about when, where and how, we eventually decided to meet up Sunday the 11th at 5am to avoid the awaiting havoc. 40 mins in from our meeting point we opted for a luxury breakfast at McDonalds, a common occurrence when we venture this way. Our destination was Kanchanaburi yet again!

    We agreed on the scenic route via Ratchaburi, Suen Pueng – a little further, but a safer and definitely a more interesting route with fantastic views. We topped the tanks and within a few minutes back on the road passed a covered body at the road side with volunteer emergency services at the scene. An accident had not long happened – and we hoped this wasn’t a sign of things to come!

  2. ama2.
    After a break at Amazon coffee, another frequent location, we plodded on knowing that for at least 2hrs the journey would be free from chaos. Sueng Pueng, Racthaburi , was our first way-point and is quite local with a few resorts and small villages scattered around. The only danger presented was our own carelessness for admiring what are mostly un-spoilt views. We stopped at 7-11 to buy some refreshments for the journey ahead, but Luke commented on a noise from the front wheel. He’d just installed some V-Rubber 50/50 tires and I’d warned him about the clearance, and sure enough, the tire had worn its way through the front fender. Time for a little surgery!


  3. It was a little after 8 am as we passed the Myanmar border point. The air was still cool so we took advantage of the breeze knowing it wouldn’t be too long before the sun broke through making for a sweaty tour. We’re used to it but the cool air was a nice treat is has to be said! We passed a number of reservoirs, mountain views and laid back sleepy villages stuck in a time that most Bangkokians have forgotten. Village people stared as we passed kitted in our biker gear and bikes that appear huge in comparison. Flip-flops, scooters and a makeshift balaclava is the norm!

    After a road-side toilet break we headed on to the next destination, Kanchanaburi, passing one picturesque scene after another. The road was traffic free with varied conditions from pot-holed tarmac to scattered mud washed over from the village farms. The bikes handle it well with my MT60s, Colin’s Scorpions and Luke’s V-Rubber.
  4. We took it in turns leading, making a pass at each other now and again without being crazy. Death is just around the corner and all too frequent here! We took a steady ride and reached Kanchanaburi around lunch time and took the opportunity to eat before the next 2 hr run. Food wasn’t being served at our usual join the ‘Aussie Rules Bar’. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Railway Man’ the owner of the bar had a bit-part in the movie. Anyway, he order food for us from the bar opposite, it was shyte!

    We rode on to Erawan National Park, famous for its waterfalls, but we headed past to a less well known place equally as beautiful but a little harder to get to so tourists are few and far between. The name slips my mind. We decided to bypass the park and headed straight to the ferry to do a loop and come back to Erawan to camp the night as light fades fast around 5:30pm. Eventually we reached Erawan that we’d passed earlier, it was about 6pm and we were exhausted and ready for a sleep. We setup tents and camped the night. I was already worn out having not slept the night before because the missus decided to wake me up the night before our trip at 12am looking for some adventure of her own! I needed to sleep. Colin and I downed a few bears; 4 half cans to be exact, and boy, that Heineken gave me a serious headache. I went to bed around 10pm I think, but I’m not sure I slept, but I remember checking the clock at 12am, and by 3am feeling like I was about to throw up. I went out for a walk and headed to the camp toilets feeling like I was about to barf. I rinsed down with cold water and sat outside till about 4am. I was awake at this point until breakfast before we headed on to our next impulsive destination. Luke, drugged to the eyeballs had decent night’s sleep. But having a serious headache and trying to sleep with stereophonic snoring is really hard. The snoring that goes quite for about 30 seconds leading you into a false sense of security hoping that is the end of it, until an almighty grunting snore burst out as though gasping for air at the same time. I was f**ked!

    Feeling rough!

  5. We left Erawan passing through a small village and checkpoint. Colin noticed a snake crossing the road. As I approached a policeman in his car called “Mah Yang” meaning has it come yet or gone by. A snake crossing in front of you in a certain direction is considered good luck. The policeman was making sure his luck was good despite the poisonous snake heading straight for some poor bugger’s hut.

    We rode on to Sai Yok blasting the bikes occasionally. Colin was stressed knowing there wasn’t a plan and being led by 2 impulsive twats who ride with no particular place to go, but he was in for a treat. We freewheeled down a road towards beautiful mountainous views. I remembered when Luke and I stumbled onto this area I recalled seeing camping zones. As we reached the bottom of the hill, a resort was presented immediately in front emphasizing camping.
    We were shafted and wasted no time and settled on the resort. Camping was right at the side of the River Kwai. Colin noticed there was an Alice in Wonderland theme going on with a giant chess board in the garden and fluffy bunnies running around. The camp was a little ‘camp’, if you get my drift but we were too knackered to think about it.
  6. bunny.
    After setting up the tents and a quick shower, we downed a few drinks. I was worried what lay ahead. No sleep and two snoring buddies was a recipe for fluffy-bunny murder! Not wishing to endanger the little blighters I secretly booked a room with A/C and a hot shower. I paid for the room during ordering food, I asked them to keep the change, about 7 quid to go towards the food and beer. When we asked for the bill, Colin and Luke were surprised how cheap it was! The room was a little rustic and would have suited Dale Winton before Supermarket Sweep! Luke sleeps quite early after downing his pills. That just left me with the task of getting into the room before Colin noticed. Luke left the bar, I followed 30 mins later leaving Colin. As I sat in the tent waiting for the right move, I heard Colin was distracted talking to a Thai person. I put my bags on the bed, zipped the tent up and scarpered to my lovely sleepy hut, took a long warm shower, switched on the A/C and slept like a log, until the F’kin alarm woke me up at 5am. I forgot to switch the damn thing off.

    Regardless, this gave me the opportunity to return to the tent undetected. Luke woke around 6am and asked if I slept well. “Funnily enough?”

    We headed home.

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