Soppong - Wat Chan - Chiang Mai

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  1. Soppong - Wat Chan - Chiang Mai


    After two good nights in of being spoilt in The Soppong River Inn, and enjoying the festivities of the Lusi new year, Pee, chiangmairich and myself decided to head back to Chiang Mai via Wat chan.

    As you can see, the dirt section of the ride is like most of the dirt roads in thailand now, dusty, rocky and very slippery.

    Pee avoiding the ruts.

    Chiangmairich having no trouble on the big African Twin.

    Pee was on a DR400, with road wheels and tires, which made the road a little tricky.
    Not that you'd know it. Check the aggressive riding style.


    Chiangmairich...coming, and going.



    Chiangmairich, having flash backs of the bar he visited the night before. :roll:

    On the road again.

    Pee on the tarmac.

    Just out of Sameong.

    Get days ride, and a great alternative to the main road to Pai.
  2. Seems like you 3 had a good ride!

    Where is the smiley groups shot ?

    What sort of time did you complete the journey in, including stops?

  3. My two riding companions may update with a few more photo's soon.

    Cheers Rex
  4. To Ally:

    We left Soppong around 11 am and reached the X Centre at 5 pm. This includes fuel stop and drink, cigarettes and pictures.
    On the way up to Pai Moto Rex rode this route alone and did Chiang Mai-Pai in about 3 hours... I 'd say he hasn't wasted time! My riding style may look "aggressive" but his was much more efficient. He had plenty of time setting his camera to catch good spots while waiting for me. Thanks mate.

    Overall it's a good SuperMoto itinerary. Nice mix of curvy tarmac mountain road and dirt without much difficulties... Just keep focus and watch for sandy bits. Not many, not very deep and not very long. However the dirt section might not survive many years. We spotted Thai road "engineers" taking measurements along the way. I guess tarmac is not too far away. Better enjoy it now the nice way it is.
    This route is longer that the main road to Pai but it's more pleasant. Mostly because one doesn't get the traffic of the 1095 with mad minivans drivers always keen to cut blind corners.
    I don't use GPS but say that it's about 200kms from Chiang Mai to Pai through Wat Chan.
    Petrol is available along the way. So no worry for those relying on small dirt bikes tanks.
    When I get back to Bangkok I will post a few pics.
  5. Thanks for the update Eric, much appreciated.

  6. Not much to add to the previous comments I have made about this route... Just a few pics as promised:

    As always humility lesson: this route can be done on a moppet easily

    Even with a plastic case under the arm for the most competitive

    So Rex, why do we prefer these machines?

    Rex and Richard

    This itinerary displays a comprehensive panel of road surfaces from dirt to tarmac

    And also old style paving stone

    Burning was going on

    It was on March 3rd.
  7. Good stuff you guys. An interesting varied ride on varied surfaces on bikes alright. Glad you all had a good time. Thanks for the contributions.
  8. Good Pics, looks very funny! Thank you. :D
  9. Great to see you boys having fun. Love the variety of bikes on the trip.

    Pee - Did you source your light for the DRZ400 in Thailand? Looks like it helps a bit at night.
  10. Hi Big 'n Tall,
    Sorry for the late answer... I was away in the land of smelly cheese trying to avoid Songkran and fulfill my tax return duties.
    About the headlight. I got it second hand from Fuarck in Vientiane. I believe it's a Djebel headlight. A Yamaha Raid headlight would probably fit as well. I add a halogen bulb.
    Indeed it greatly helps at night... especially for people who often run late because of too many stops during trips...

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