South Lao on Honda Dream Waves

May 10, 2008
Me and a couple of friends are thinking of spending 3 weeks riding around South Lao on Honda dream waves.

We know the roads are okay from Pakse to Paksong and to Tat Lo (Tarmac), but we are unsure about locations like Ta Hoy, the Ho Chi Minh trail and Attapeu.

Are these places impossible or to risky to reach on the dream waves especially since it's now mid-May and rainy season is upon us?

And what about the road to Konglor cave? Was there a couple of months ago but they hadn't quite finished it. Possible on Honda Dream waves?

We are flying to Pakse this Sunday from Siem Reap.

Also, is Pakse well stocked when it comes to camping equipment and tool kits?

Finally can anyone recommend a decent place in Pakse to rent th dream waves for 3 weeks?

Many Thanks.


Nov 17, 2004
Locals go all the places you mention on smaller bikes. If you were to do so, I'd say you will be in for a little adventure as there are few resources on the way in the places you mention. Road conditions are not favorable for these bikes on the HCM trail unless you are prepared to spend a bit more money on the repair bill upon return of the bike.

3 weeks in southern Laos is a lot of time but if you go deep off road, not a lot of time. Be advised you will not be able to get by some areas on the trail on these bikes without major effort, the rains have already fallen heavily in Khammanoune and Attepue provinces and will continue to do so.

Camping equipment in Pakse - depends on what you want. There is a limited amount of things in Pakse. Tools can be done by yourself, buy what you need from the markets.

I'd say in all honesty, 3 weeks on honda waves/dreams is a long time on an underpowered bike. Go for it anyhow and ring me if I can be of assistance.