South Vietnam --- Back To Phnom Penh?


Mar 11, 2019
I would like to fly into HCMC and do the southern part of Vietnam, then head back and cross the border into Cambodia and drive back to Phnom Penh. Any suggestions for places to see, roads to take or any other general advice? There will be two of us, on a scooter, I only have a week. Thanks!


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Dec 21, 2018
I’m in Deep South of Vietnam at the moment in a city called Ca Mau and have ventured to the very bottom on a easy day trip..the people down here are just the friendliest kind that I’ve come across through out all of Vietnam
and even thou the city is quite big with all the usual things the markets down here will have your eyes popping (cages of live rats n snakes)at what’s to buy for dinner etc just a really great experience to come this far down and have really loved it..the hotel guy here would only charge me for 3 days instead of 6 ..just very kind people..but if you are wanting the more touristy thing then it may not be that took one week to even run into another westerner down here..but anyway I’m about to head backup the west coast from here and make my way back up to Cambodia Phenom Penh via Kep and Kampot which is an easy ride ..
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