Spareparts from PROCYCLE - US


Jun 28, 2007
I recently ordered 3 spares for the DR from the PROCYCLE company in the States.
Want to post my experiences as they really were amazing.
Posted the order via their webtool on the 2nd of August and got the shipping reply already on the 3rd of August.
They recommended USPS (US Postal Services) and an insurance for overseas shipments which didn't cost much and also provided 2 websites to be able to trace the parcel.
Invoice, shipping docs and customs declaration were done in a very professional manner, so when arriving in Thailand, customs could clearly see the value and didn't bother and sent the parcel on its way.
Delivery was done yesterday the 9th of August to my home at 18:30, no additional charges.
This is a shop that I can recommend very highly as from order to receipt only 7 days !! BTW, parts were in perfect condition.

Regards, Franz

PS: I only wished that a Singaporean supplier :thumbdown: were that quick in replying to a customer request :evil: and it would not take him more than 3 months to deliver ordered goods..... :cry: and then some wrong ones..... :x