speaking to deaf ears


Jan 3, 2004
Recently I did a story about a 72 year old guy who had crashed on our trip around the lake. I printed the story here and in the Bayon Pearnik a local monthly rag in Phnom Penh, I also shoot it to Gordorn who runs the tales of asia website.

Since the article, I heard of a guy in Kampot who hit a bridge post and though not to seriously hurt knocked the light assembly off the front of his Baja.

A friend of mine from the US came of and took a trip to Pailin with another friend of mine. This guy read the article and we even discussed it in the bar. Well he goes down on a bridge approach. He's now in BKK with a couple of broken ribs and in pain.

Thanksgiving night, my room mate of all people is out on the piss in Phnom Penh with a bunch of other guys (none of whom wear helmets in town) does a face plant on the Japanese friendship bridge. He hit a road construction barricade and went over the front of his bike with his girlfriend hanging on. I went and saw him in the clinic yesterday. Cat scan 150 bucks. didnt lose teeth and no extreme head injuries, but had to stitch up his forehead, inside his mouth and above his upper lip. road rash all over the right side of his face and arms. speed, alcohol, in a cat and mouse game with the other guys riding around with him.

I dont know but I cant over emphasize, cambodia is a dangerous place to ride.

There are great rewards, but take the time and effort to enjoy the place and be able to tell others of your experiences.
Dec 30, 2003

I've gotta agree with you.

I have seen the photos you took of his face.... well it's a good thing that the girls find you attractive in Cambo based on the look of your wallet.....

I think you and I are the only two of everyone I know in Cambo who wears a full face helmet around town (those ones that just protect the Skull are a waste of time IMHO.

In addition when I know I am going to get hammered (like last Sun nite...I hope I wasn't dribbling too much at your place and for the Sharkey BBQ)I leave the 650 at home and catch a moto, too much risk there.

Plus you should always slow down for those bridges!



Nov 28, 2005
Hi LaudJohn,

if you'd know me we would be three on that list of ppl wearing helmets...
Hope I'll be able to go to Cambodia in two weeks and meet some of the people from this board.

Have a nice weekend everyone, Arne!