Speed Cameras For Bikes

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  1. Chiang Mai
    A tip off received suggests that there are now rear facing speed cameras on the middle ring road R3029 at both ends of the R118 Mee Chok underpass.

    If you know anyone who has been nicked on a bike there please let us know.

    Most, if not all, speed cameras in the North so far appear to be forward facing cameras, so there is no threat to bikes with no front number plate & only a rear number plate.

    Is anyone aware of any other rear facing cameras on the under passes around Chiang Mai?
  2. I don't know about the one you mentioned but I did get a ticket in the mail from Udon province on Highway2 heading south between Udon and Khon Kaen about a month ago so the cameras are out there. Nice clear color shots of me on the bike and the licence plate. 400Baht so I'm not changing my riding habits!
  3. Have a close look to the picture.
    Sometimes it shows the GPS location

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